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Monday, 9 May 2011

Olubukola Adefisayo being released from prison?

Y'all remember that mentally ill lady, Olubukola Adefisayo who murdered her mother in 2009? (Read here if you missed it). I saw on TV today that the Nigeria police is considering releasing her from Kirikiri prison where she's been since 2009 (or have they release her already?) after rehabilitating her. The TV station interviewed several of Bukky's former neighbours and they said they were looking forward to receiving her back home. They say she's now a born again Christian.

Does anyone have more info on this, 'cos I only caught the last part of the report.

Watch her talk about how she killed her mom while high on crack cocaine...after the cut...


Pjobaby said...

Yes, yes! I remember her...; she's truly sick and deserves rehabilitation and not death. Guessing she's now sober...; may God pardon her and may her mother's soul rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how the hell they rehabilitate in kirikiri prison. And being born again doesn't cure mental illness abeg. She should have been put in a psychiatric hospital instead of jail.

Anonymous said...

omg...do you know i thought this was a joke or rumour. So true true this girl killed her mother?
See wetin obodo oyibo don do this woman? chei......this western country will not kill we africans...May God forgive her

Akin' Odunsi said...

I am just reading about it actually and i feel so sad for her, she deserves to be released but i hope she will be taken to a rehab ... she really needs help

Anonymous said...

http://saveolubukolaadefisayo.wordpress.com/ LINDA READ THE STORY HER BEST FRIEND WROTE! SOOOO SAD

Tito said...


Anonymous said...

dis morrafuckin bish needz to be u-turned back 2 kirikiri!see wat hapns wen idiots go 2 america!

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

This girl needs help, I pray God will send helpers her way. And her half sister in chicago, need to ask God for forgiveness because what happen to Buki can happen to her children also. So sad, she had two kids and her mother can't even tell her to bring them home she gave them up for adoption. Only if the dead can talk, that mother need to be question, what kind of mother she is?

Anonymous said...

It's interesting how our pple always like to pass the blame. @ kiky trying to blame her situation on the fact that she lived in the US. I just read that her family introduced her to drugs at a young age.

Open ur eyes and realize that these problems exist in our own backyards. We have drug addicts, mentally ill people and *gasp* homosexuals.

Anonymous said...

@kiky please be realistic,its not d western world its simply d devil that caused herto kill her own mother.did u not hear whwn she said she continued to hit her mum until she felt blood and satisfaction all over her?
i truely pray she has repented and not just saying she is born again so that she is set free from prison.
r.i.p to her mother,i hope she accepted Jesus before she passed away

Anonymous said...

If Osama Bin Laden had claimed that he was on drugs, or has not always been like that, would it be okay to have let him go after all he did? The girl stabbed her neighbor back in 2007, i wonder how she escaped that. They should get her help and have her do the time too. She made d decision to indulge in drugs

Anonymous said...

Well letz hope she truly has....welcum bak to life gurl..... :)

Anonymous said...

I know Bukky. We went to high school together in fact we were friends back then. I was shocked when i first heard because even though she always had a bit of a temper back then smth like this was unimaginable. it became clear that a lot has happened to her since high skool after i read her friends blog and watch the youtube video. This is a very tragic story and your prayers are needed. So please try not to judge her cause she is obviously mentally unwell. I am happy that she is being released from kirikiri cos that is not where she shud have been taken to in the first place but i pray that her family have the good sense to have her committed to e psychiatric institution where she can get he help she needs. there is no coming back from this 'she will always have to live with the fact that she murdered her own mother, right not her delusions are helping her cope with this tragedy but her getting better means her coming to terms with what she did. i think that in itself is serious punishment.

j said...

double wow
I swear I am short of words
Lord help us
na wa o if na true say her mama na witch
that stuff is scary as hell

yes I said it said...

gosh I read her story online through one of the links posted here
gosh how old is this girl again,her life has been one hell of a ride.
IMO her mom got what she deserved I am sorry bukky and her dysfunctional siblings are the victims.

Lord,its hard enough being a parent when youre normal then add up a parent that is high all the time,into drugs,faaji lifestyle and jazz and witchcraft

lord have mercy
the dysfunction is unbelievable
Ive lived in Chicago and it hit home hard

taking your kids to the U.S most times isnt the best legacy you can give them especially if theres no one they can listen to and can shield them from the hard life there.

Just imagine how her senior sister Lola turned out to be just because of their useless upbringing
there are loads of people that walk around and carry enough baggage we have no idea
so pls lets stop judging people
some people have been through hell on this earth

God bless her friend that has been fighting tooth and nail on this issue
we should all be blessed with friends like that

By the way I wonder where bukkys dad is in all of this?

prettylady said...

sumtyms tins hapen cos dey r meant 2 take place, her mum was meant 2 die dat way n u dt jt say tins cos u ve d opportunity 2 say it cos it cld hapen 2 u. d fact dat ur normal does nt mean u kant kill or d ones u ve done in d secrets is more dangerous dan she dat is in d open, wel lets nt b 2 quick 2 pass judgement ova pple's misfortuned bt pray 4 dem wem such tins be fall dem. if she said she has repent of her sins n regret killing her mum den all she needs frm u ppls is prayers.do nt critices her, take her bak n remenba her wen eva u go 2 ur closet. God bless u all.

Anonymous said...

gosh can some of you listen at all? did some of you actually listen to everything she said as well as the yoruba bit?????it was all in self defence and she will be the dead one now if she hadnt done what she did. its a really sad story but please next time lets listen first before we are so quick to pass judgement. her mother was all out to get her, all she was trying to do was save herself. she is not mentally challenged or anything, please lets use common sense here.

Anonymous said...

nawa oo i cant believe what i am reading sha wowwwww.....no matter what her mother did she didnt deserve to die abeg..... can any of you create common ant? no reason she would give on this earth would justify her killing i am not trying to judge her all i am saying is that she killed! whether she had a reason or not sin is sin...some of you would say to me now that i am judging but i am not oh i am only saying things the way they are! she needs to go to jail sha because if she goes scot free someone else would do it and also blame it on their upbringing!

Oyin said...

@Yes I sait it.. You honestly said it all... Some of our parents are d cause of their own misfortune, Africans we need to turn back to God in these end and hard time. I dont blame Bukky at all, also even her mother, POVERTY must ve lead her to do what she did. Not to justify anything, she sure had d evil in her all along. May the good Lord help all of us and forgive us our sins.. Amen.

Praying for Bukky, all will be well, everyone deserves a second chance, and I really do hope yu get your life back.

@Anonymous May 10, 2011 9:51 AM, I totally agree, she shuld ve NEVER gone to jail in the 1st place, it was self defence, but I guess there was no witness or even dna eveidence to prove any of the struggle that went on at the time of the misfortune..

Lets not jugde pple.. *side-eyes @Kiki.. U sounded really dumb, Ur educated now, c'mon gal, Its pple like u that hear rumours and do not wait for the truth and start spreading up and down.. mmmmm!

Anonymous said...

Ok reading her friend's blog, it definitely sounds as if this woman never needed to be imprisoned, but rather be treated for the mental illness (which seems like schizophrenia acerbated by drug and sexual abuse).

Reading her story and watching her video (I don't understand yoruba, so many parts went over my head) I am eternally grateful to God for my mother and my upbringing. People's lives are tougher than they should be.

Anonymous said...

This is truly and really sad...the girl is delusional and all this is obviously a result of hard drugs...

Anonymous said...

she needs help. we like to gloss over mential illness. if she was a hardened criminal, she wouldnt have killed her mother and then turned herself in. she would have poisoned her or something.
she needed help and she didnt get it. so sad.

Anonymous said...

she really has the spaced out look of someone with a mental illness..schizophrenia is debilitating, and frightening u hear voices in ur head telling u to do unseemly things..she needs major psychiatric help..before being let loose into the open public..

truth said...

OMGGGGGGGGG...Linda that video is soooooo disturbing.

B. K said...

I wish I could respond to specific comments. Cos some of you sure sound ignorant as hell. Most of the ignorant comments are based on the interview of someone who is clearly under the influence, and a web post of someone who claims to know her from back in the days. How does that make any kind of sense to the educated ones (@Oyin)? How d hell did you guys get from her story that it was self defense? Did anyone even research this girl? This was the same person that stabbed her neighbor some years ago:
Nobody deserves to die because somebody chose to get high.

Anonymous said...

It's a Sad story.But the truth is this girl will kill again if they release her.It happens all the time even here in europe.She should be in hospital not prison though.

Tell said...

I knew her n she is no victim

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