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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Ini Edo's Movie 'Memories Of My Heart' Soon To Premiere

Memories of my heart, a movie produced by Ini Edo, directed by Desmond Elliot and stars Ramsey Noah, Nse Ntim, Uche Jumbo and etc will premiere on the 21st of May in the US and first week of June in Nigeria.


Anonymous said...

Terrible photoshop job, Ini Edo looks almost unrecognizable.

SOLA said...

wow! I luv Ini in this poster.. She looks pretty

alleny said...

I hope its something new and tot provoking, we are tired of seeing the same movie with different titles.

Alicia says... said...


Anonymous said...

Same old faces oh!!! Haba!! are there no other actors/actresses in that country?

Margaret said...

good selection, but i pray should not be the same recycling of same stories but in a different title and some times with the actor/actress. pls Ini make it more educative and informative much as possible. Be more creative Nigerians and produce movies that are thrilling.

Anonymous said...

mo' said
Nigerians lets always appreciate what we have... they're doin a great job...admit it

Anonymous said...

uhmn...till then...i aint losing my sleep over this

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