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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Say What?? Students want Jega for president in 2015

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Joint Campus Committee{JCC} Chairman, Clement Olusegun{M} accompanied by other executives at the press conference
The National Association of Nigerian Students, Zone D gave a pass mark to the Attahiru Jega-led Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) over the weekend for conducting violence-free and fair elections. According to the students, in view of this record, they have decided to endorse him as the president in 2015 if he shows interest.

The zone, which comprises Lagos, Ogun, Osun, Oyo, Ondo and Ekiti states, said this at a press conference held in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, via the Joint Campus Committee chairman, Clement Olusegun.

Free and fair election? Somewhat, but then our president is tackling Buhari at the presidential election tribunal for cheating with under-age voters during the elections. Violence-free? So many youth corps members died, and instead of demanding answers, these students are endorsing Jega? Was there ever a press conference by this body addressing what happened to those corpers? Or even one asking for a review of the NYSC? How sad!



Anonymous said...

what happend to those corpers has nothing to do with Jega or INEC... what r u on about linda? He is not the IG of police tsk.

Linda Ikeji said...

This is not about Jega..i'm talking about the students...did they hold a press conference to condemn the unnecessary killings of these young men and women? No! Or a press conference to demand a review of the NYSC? No! So, how come this is more of a priority to them? it could be any one of them tomorrow sent to those northern states to serve...but God forbid these ever happens again

Anonymous said...

It's simply the result of idleness. Linda dont blame them so much though,It's because very rarely do we have government appointees perform so creditably so this one that the poor chaps have seen, they want to endorse for president. They dont even know that their endorsement is like Ugandan money during Idi Amin's rule, as useless as toilet paper!!

Ade_Cool said...

Pathetic!!..honestly 9ja youths lost the fire in their belly a long long time ago..not with their heroes singing medleys..pontificating and interviewing GEJ!!..after being stuffed with money..that's the problem with poverty and uneven distribution of wealth...where people have been so deprived that at the sight of some lose change just want to grab..grab..grab!!

Anonymous said...

At a second glance, these boys actually look hungry and seriously malnourished! They must have heard that the least a group got for endorsing a governor was 20,ooo USD, so they figure that if they start now, pepper will start to rest for them before others come crawling out of the woodworks. Come to think of it, there must have been at least a million youth, women and men groups endorsing left right and centre thruout this election period, kai!! In my state alone (let's do more??) even Akara sellers were endorsing on the pages of the papers!!!

Anonymous said...

Well they are no different from some people I thought were intelligent asking Ribadu to run for president because they were pleased with his performance at EFCC. That guy is not even fit to be a local government chairman - hiss at some of the Nigerian youths, the so called future of the country. Wahala dey!

R4BIZ said...

These rotten, desperate and rough looking "students" were obviously paid for their support and silly "press conference." For the love of money, these self-centered and hopeless donkeys would support any paying tramp or criminal, including Osama Bin Laden, against their own grandparents. They are a disgrace and ought to be disbanded. Hope their stupidity blows up in their face.

j said...

Ki lo'omode mo?

Anonymous said...

Hungry students. They should shut up and go and sleep somewhere. They are looking for cheap publicity and easy money. So the criteria for the #1 position in the country is overseeing free and fair elections? NONSENSE!!!How about picking a candidate with a vision, with goals, with proven track record of delivering results, with positive leadership attributes, with the ability to command a force, with a zeal to protect and serve all Nigerians. These fools are here talking about Jega. Odes


yeah, many years of bad government has produced countless number of retards, not sparing our higher institutions as well. Ladies and gentlemen, the new entrants into the school of all of them do press conference

Anonymous said...

That is my answer to this foolishness.

Anonymous said...

Instead of them looking for ways to advocate for improvement of educational policies and this thing called NYSC, They are talking about politics.
What is going on with these "aproko I want money at all cost" people?
Please give me a broom let me swat these hungry looking flies.

Anonymous said...

these guys are really jobless.they don't even look like a student organisation who is serious: presentation, zero! they should engage their minds in better things.

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