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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Gunmen Kidnap Briton and Italian in Kebbi State

Gunmen kidnapped a Briton and an Italian from their lodge in Nigeria's northwestern town of Birnin-Kebbi, shooting and wounding one person who tried to prevent the attack, police said on Friday.
The two men, who were working for a construction company, were seized from their accommodation late on Thursday in the capital of Kebbi state.


Kebbi state police commissioner Adamu Hassan said the police and army had cordoned off the town in the hope that the hostages were still there, but had also put the security services in neighbouring states and in Niger Republic on alert.
"One person who attempted to rescue the victims was shot and is in hospital," Hassan told reporters.
Hundreds of oil workers were kidnapped during years of militant attacks in Nigeria's oil-producing Niger Delta hundreds of kilometres away in the southeast, but such attacks are relatively rare in the north.
Hostages in the Niger Delta were generally quickly released after payment of a ransom. Police in Kebbi said no ransom demand had been made.

Some previous kidnappings of foreign workers in other parts of Nigeria have resulted from disputes over wages and working conditions for local staff.
While kidnappings are rare in Nigeria's mostly-Muslim north, several foreigners have been seized over the border in Niger.

Kidnappers last month demanded 90 million euros for the return of four French hostages captured in Niger and being held by al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), al Qaeda's north African wing.
Security sources say there is some evidence to suggest contact between Boko Haram, a radical Islamist sect in Nigeria's remote northeast, and AQIM but there has been no published evidence of any al Qaeda presence in northwestern Nigeria.

Source: Reuters


Anonymous said...

Na wa for naija o *smh

Anonymous said...

very sad...smh

Anonymous said...

See their mouth like 90million euros. Would they be able to count it if they give them 1million? You wan steal from foreign government, not even Naija government o. Bloody fools.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, Me and my Wife are always on your blog.
Today I saw the kidnap story on your blog and while thinking about the state of Lawlessness in Nigeria I thought I would share one that is close to my family.

Last Friday my Father was sprayed with bullets.
A father of 5, grandfather of 2, financial benefactor of so many other peoples kids.

By the way he was a non-violent, development focused man who always talked about a better Nigeria till others would ask "What is his own sef?"

Please see the link bellow.

You don't have to, but I was hoping you could do a small piece on post election assassinations and attempts like this just to help us all start to demand more accountability from our... lets call them "Leaders".

Please see the link below.

They've just killed my father, just like a bad movie, and my daughter saw me cry like a baby.

My name is Sever Ayede, I'm the 2nd son of the man who died. you can reach me via email at

Also I'm not trying to promote ACN, if i was in Nigeria I would have voted Buhari CPC(National), and Fashola AC(Lagos), but yeah ACN in Benue.

Anonymous said...

Some Nigerians need to grow a pair as well as brains whilst they are at it. Kidnapping, 419 and the list goes on. All these stupidity for sake of quick wealth or in the name of religion that most of them do not truly understand. When would we start to move away from such level of ignorance and start fighting to make our country a better place.

sheddow said...

really sorry to hear about your father. may his soul rest in peace. these "leaders" will pay for their evil deeds

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