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Friday, 7 July 2017

Poland's First Lady leaves Donald Trump's hand hanging in epic handshake snub

The awkward moment Polish First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda ignored Donald Trump's outstretched hand and moved on to shake hands with Melania before she finally shook his hand, was caught on camera and it's a bit embarrassing.

In the now viral video, Donald and Melania were on stage with their Polish counterparts, Agata and her husband, President Andrzej Duda, in Warsaw as official photographs were being taken. When it was time to shake hands, Trump shook President Andrzej Duda's hand, then stretched his hand to Agata but she moved past him and went to Melania.

The snub was hard to miss. Agata eventually did shake hands with Trump but people can't seem to get over the initial snub. As expected Americans took to Twitter to joke about the gaffe

"Oh yes, that's amazing. Now he's going to nuke Poland though!!" one person jokingly tweeted.

"Look at that little boy pout," another user tweeted.

"Best part is he realized it and looked abashed. Sad," another Twitter user wrote.

It is not clear if Agata's action was intentional, though it seems unlikely.

See the video below.


tsalz said...


9ja Parrot said...

It is unintentional!

Anonymous said...

Linda where is our president?

bernard N'dee said...

See the look on his face
The nigga bout to cry!

Oluwakemi Akinremi said...

That wasn't a snub, she wanted to say hello to Melania first before the President. It's about Ladies first.

charles ikechukwu said...

They say He is in London

Anonymous said...

Linds abeg go sleep

Anonymous said...

Linds abeg go sleep

Anonymous said...

This fellow called Trump has completely demeaned, degraded and diminished the most powerful and most revered political office in the world, the office of the President of the United States. Its never ever been heard of that anyone in their right senses would have the temerity to even attempt to snub the President of the United States. But see how his cantankerous, immature and unpresidential behaviour has brought that exalted office into disrepute. Shameful.

Anonymous said...

Its totally unintentional, what she did was to give Melania the "ladies first" treatment before coming back to Trump. Something the highly narcissistic and egotistic Trump will not understand.

Ojuju said...

Make ona leave Trump alone o.. Ona no dey tire.. He is the president.. Wether ona like or gree or not

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