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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Blac Chyna's side man, Ferrari returns jewelry he bought for her after Rob Kardashian alleged she was sleeping with other men

Looks like Blac Chyna's supposed new man, 24-year-old aspiring rapper Ferrari - who has a pregnant girlfriend, is truly out for publicity as Rob claimed in his explosive social media rant. Ferrari recently acquired expensive jewelry worth $135k for Chyna but is now holding it back. Question is, can he even afford it in the first place or this is just a mere stunt? Lol

Sources connected to the rapper told TMZ that he paid $135,648 on three pieces of jewelry for Chyna; $34,850 for a Rolex, $56,500 for a gold necklace and $32,250 for diamond earrings, and they were to be delivered on July 5 - the day Rob unleashed his allegations on social media.

Ferrari however stopped the process even after listing Chyna  as "spouse" on the receipt. He called off the delivery and returned everything on Friday because he believed Rob's allegations. Why then post a photo of her naked in your bed?


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