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Friday, 7 July 2017

Photos: Miss South Africa accused of racism for wearing gloves while with black children at an orphanage

The reigning Miss South Africa, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters has sparked a controversy on social media after she was pictured wearing disposable gloves while she was with black kids at an orphanage home.

Demi-Leigh, who's a white South African was on Wednesday spotted at an event hosted by Sun International at a children’s home in Soweto, serving food and interacting with children at the orphanage while wearing latex gloves.

After the photos made rounds on Thursday, thousands of  South Africans went on Twitter to criticised Nel-Peters and they also accused her of being a racist. The hashtag #MissSAChallenge began to trend on Twitter as they poked fun of the "hygiene" reason which they cited for the gloves.

Consequently, she posted a video, explaining why she was wearing gloves in the pictures saying:
“I just want to clear something up. All the volunteers on site wore gloves today because we honestly thought that it’s the right thing to do while working with food, and while handing out food to young kids. That was our only intention with wearing the gloves, was purely to be as hygienic as possible,” she said in the clip.
Not everyone was satisfied with her response as some are still making fun of the gesture. See their comments below...


Tito said...

what of the other people that wore gloves to hand out food to the kids? black south africans still have their head set in the apartheid days where every problem

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that they have is because of the white man. now that there is no more white man to blame they are now looking for racism even where there is none.

Unknown said...

Fake ass!
-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Anonymous said...

Stupid black south Africans, they are the most racist people in the world with a very low self esteem.

Anonymous said...

But she was touching their food. Do we want her to pass her germs to the young ones. Why are we so touchy with racial issues?

Blessedtina said...

If tekno reads this blog or anyone who can see me through with 50k in starting a baby wear business to make ends meet. Pls it will go a long way with me to be self employed, selling to pregnant women than being idle. Please I beg in God's name reach out to me.

Unknown said...

I seriously think she has good intentions

Unknown said...

I saw this on fb and I was angry with her buh then I read thru d comments and saw pix o other blacks with gloves too working with the children. Then I wondered why they singled her out for criticism when their fellow blacks also wore gloves. Well shebi na una allow whites to take over una country so need to cry jst enjoy the take over period

Anonymous said...

What's my business with this craps, are they not the same set of black S.A killing other Africans including my beloved Nigerian brothers. No be only racism na rapistism.

Nina said...

Black South Africans with their low self esteem. They still have their head wrapped up with the whole apartheid thing while they r the ones that r practicing same racism..Rubbish!

Unknown said...

Lol..buh why use d gloves to touch d kids too if itz just to serve food!? I'm lost.

Anonymous said...

They say prevention is better than's her choice lol

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