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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Lady claims a baby almost drowned in the Lekki flood water

OAP, Temilola Akinmuda, said a baby was almost drowned in the Lekki flood today. According to her tweets, the baby was rescued and has been taken to the hospital. See more of her tweets after the cut...


Chima said...

with the level of water in lekki right now, even a grown man can drown in that water.

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Amsterdam and some other Dutch cities are below sea level, yet they don't have flooding. They put some things in place to prevent it, it is not just about drainage anymore, lekki and V.I need a complete overhaul in flood water control.

Anonymous said...

And the baby's mummy doesn't know you lock the doors and ensure your children are safe rain or no rain abi???? 112 is supposed to fly with helicopter and land there right?

Anonymous said...

A government that builds cities near the water, doesn't keep drains clear, closes eyes when people build where the water is supposed to exit to the lagoon and still taxes its citizens to death 💀

uniquechic said...

ppl and snapping to post...I pray socialmediasis wunt kill first before post.
I pray d baby lives

Unknown said...

not surprised!
-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Anonymous said...

You people argue, judge and quarrel too much. Such things happen and it's the responsibility of everyone, in this case neighbors and health officials to be at the forefront of such emergencies. People were filming while this happened, someone risked her life and helped revive a baby and you're there making stupid, foolish, statements and judgements. I can see how your thoughts help your life and people around you .... Mtchewww

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