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Friday, 7 July 2017

Graphic photos: Three suicide bombers killed in foiled attack at University of Maiduguri student hostel

An attack by three suicide bombers at the students’ hostel of the University of Maiduguri on Friday, July 7,was repelled by security operatives at the university.

The suicide bombers attacked the new male hostel , Block A, of the institution. The attackers entered the hostel despite the trenches dug to fortify the security of the school.

An eyewitness said two of the bombers detonated their explosives and blew up themselves. According to him, the third one was shot down by security men while trying to flee the scene of the attack.
"The attack came at a time when students are on vacation . Only the suicide bombers were killed , but they caused damage to the building" the eye witness said.
The spokesperson for the Borno Police Command, ASP Victor Isuzu, who confirmed the incident, said the command had neutralised two suicide bombers before they entered the university.
He said security men shot dead the bombers before they crossed the university’s fence.

Mr Izuzu said the command had deployed additional personnel to beef up security at the institution.

More photos below...


Unknown said...

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FRESH said...

Crazy northern punks.

Wunmi said...

what is in the university of maiduguri that boko haram keeps trying to attack several times? do these terrorists want to kill everyone in the university or

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what. there have been multiple attempts to penetrate that particular university by boko haram as if their enemies are the innocent students.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Strange strange strange strange strange people.

Dupsy B said...

Na wah oooo. This people are sick. If they are tired of this world they should just kill themselves alone instead of wreaking havoc and taking innocent people down with them.

Unknown said...

Western education is sin @wunmi dey warn close all the school mad people

Blessedtina said...

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Anonymous said...

This is what we mean when we say we are not one,some will wear bombto go and kill himself with another person.northern leader have seen what they cause bc they need power.let them live with it

Samray said...

God hlp my country.

FRESH said...

Mechie gi onu Nwokem!

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