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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Shocking footage shows boy pushing two-year-old-girl into a lift as a prank before she falls to her death from the high-rise building

A two-year-old girl has died a painful death after falling from a tower block. Surveillance footage has been shared showing the moment the toddler was pushed back by a friend into a lift and sent up into the 18th floor alone. It was from that floor that she fell to her death.

 At the beginning of the video captured on July 3, three kids are seen in a lift without adult supervision. They get out when the doors open but one of the children pushes 2-year-old Li Li back into the elevator and jumps up to push the button for the 18th floor before quickly running out and leaving the girl alone.
 As the lift begins its upward rise, Li Li can be seen crying and hitting the door. When the doors eventually opens she gets out and start walking down the corridor. That's where the video ends.

According to reports, Li Li then fell down through a window of the high-rise apartment block in Changsha, central China.
Her body was later found by neighbors on the first-floor terrace. Local police are now investigating the case.
It's unclear if the boy's family will be held accountable for the tragic incident.

Watch video below.


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