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Friday, 3 July 2015

Kasapreko launches Kalahari and Carnival into Nigeria market

Kasapreko Company Limited makers of the popular Alomo Bitters launched TWO new brands Kalahari Bitter and Carnival Strawberry into the Nigerian market. The event, which was held at Club Escape in Lagos over the weekend, was well attended by crème de la crème in the society. 

The introduction of these premium products is coming on the heels of the company's resolve to ensure that Nigerian brands join the league of internationally acknowledged brands. 


Speaking at the launch, the Managing Director of Kasapreko Company Nigeria Limited Kojo Nunoo pointed out that both brands were the outcome of painstaking research and development work in the company’s laboratories at the factory in Ghana.

While reacting to the current national concerns with “ogogoro” he gave full assurance to the Nigerian consumers that every product from the stable of Kasapreko have been produced to the highest of production and quality assurance standards to ensure that the drinks meet all consumption requirements globally and most especially locally in Nigeria as evidenced by the NAFDAC product registration number.

Reiterating the Chief Executive Officer's points, the Marketing Manager Peter Adegor stated that Kalahari and Carnival are brands already being enjoyed in Ghana and the decision to bring them to Nigeria was based on the identification of gaps in the spirit market in Nigeria. He stated that "the brands were targeted at the Nigerian population with more sophistication; people who are discerning and desirous of standing out from the crowd."

The Marketing Manager described Kalahari Bitters as “a fine blend of extracts of herbs and aromatic spices with a bitter-sweet taste ideal for the Nigerian consumer who has a distinctive and sophisticated palate"

He emphasized that, “the product is an aperitif comparable with any world class drink, it is best taken straight or mixed in scintillating cocktails".

He further stressed that “Carnival Strawberry Liqueur is a perfect blend of strawberry flavor and fine spirits to stimulate those pleasurable moments that gives that alluring experience when enjoyed neat or mixed.  In his words, the Marketing Manager said, Carnival Strawberry is another world class blend suitable for the contemporary Nigerian woman who wishes for a signature drink".

In attendance at the event were dignitaries from different regulatory organisation like NAFDAC, Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria APCON and Consumer Protection Council.


Unknown said...

Them don bring wetin Niger youth sabi use their money buy come.....interesting


fgtf said...

Continue to promote liver killing drinks


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

To me this is another life spoiler #runsaway

Unknown said...

Ok.. Oh. We don hear.

Unknown said...

Oooooooooh my...!

U are wellcome if dat carnival strawberry is going to b good in taste

NaijaDeltaBabe said...


Unknown said...

And business keep growing, good for them. Linda take note!

Unknown said...

Dis is great, and I wish them well.

Karina febo said...

Aww kalahari is really nice.

Karina febo said...

Aww kalahari is really nice.

Alero said...

They Utilizing the opportunity since government has banned Ogogoro... Hehehehehe.. nice one

Unknown said...

Naija youth, u don hear

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