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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Season 2 of War Of Words begins this September 2013

Can you use words to tease and  please? Or perhaps kiss words and make them bounce and dance?
Then this is for you. i2X Media (organizers of Word Up) Presents Season 2 of War OWords (Slam Poetry Competition). 
Up for grabs: 
1. $500 for the winner
2. The top three poets get to perform at WORD UP Volume 7 in February 2014 alongside the best Spoken Word Poets in Naija.

The competition is only open to Spoken Word Poets that have never performed at any Word Up event. Entry for the Slam Poetry Competition is via video submission. Continue...

The Video submission must be done by uploading on YouTube and the link sent to us

via twitter @wordup411, 
via our facebook page

For more information, please visit
08025070892, 08030635360, 08053001608, 07068400846, 08038315055

Or send us a mail at 

Check out the videos of the top 3 Spoken Word Poets in War Of Words Season 1 - Titilayo Mabogunje (1st Place) - D Ray (1st Runner Up) - Uzbek (2nd Runner Up)

Then this September 14, 2013, we present a first of its kind seminar in Lagos, Nigeria.

 i2X Media Company Limited Presents

"The Business Of Spoken Word Poetry in Nigeria."

Topics to be discussed

1. The art of Spoken Word Poetry (from Page to Stage).
2. Events Management/Poetry Events organisation
3. Branding yourself 
4. Branding your event 

Speakers/ Facilitators:  

Shina Atilola 
(Group Head, Strategy and Communications, Sterling Bank)

Kelvin Orifa
(Manager, Youth Market at MTN Nigeria)
Chiedu Ifeozo 
Published Writer and Spoken Word Poet) 

Donna K 
Top Female Spoken Word Poet in Nigeria) 

Olajumoke Alawode- James
(co-organizer, FREEDOMHALL, a weekly open mic Poetry and Music event)

Date is September 14, 2013.

Venue is Bogobiri House, No. 9 Maitama Sule Street, 
off Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos  

Time is from 2pm.
Attendance is FREE!!!!

For inquires and more information, please visit

Or call us on
08025070892, 08030635360, 08053001608, 07068400846, 08038315055

Or send us a mail at 


Alloy Chikezie said...

Wow! Really great

Gistyinka Blog said...

Freebies good ooo...


Just for Lagosians.smh
was rejoicing when I saw Maitama.

~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

★★PRINCE CHARMING™★★ said...

Nice! This tickles my fancy a lot! Battle of Lexical and poetic prowess! A wordsmith's delight!

Chinonso Charles said...

Bring it on. . .

Make Naira Online

Cute G said...

Hehehe!Prince Charming,this one is for U.I see U win wtout even participating.

Anonymous said...

Lol, lind u have got to be kidding! 500 Dollars? Lolz! Not worth it ....

Mich said...

Its been a debate amongst poetry lovers,what's the best form to express the art?
Is spoken poetry more efficient than written poetry?
I've always opined that both forms are good in their own unique ways but you've got to give it to that man who can stand in front of a crowd and deliver with mastery.
With proper use of Similes,Metaphors,Oxymorons and Paradox,spoken poetry becomes more enjoyable than the orthodox/traditional method of writing.

@EDDYSYFAR said...


Anonymous said...

I would, but the winner's prize is rather too small? Just 500 dollars? That's wat dis long talk is abt? Naa, I'd pass pls. Smh

Anonymous said...

Lmao omo ghetto tinz,ofe lohun kk

Unknown said...

#war of words# Nice 1.

Unknown said...

i hate it when i put up a cOmment and linda pulls it belOw!!.. thatz crab.. I aint cOmmenting agn jOOoorr after all is it needed!!huh

Anonymous said...

My head wan burst wit all dis BIG biger biggest gramer oooo.,,,na today ???

Anonymous said...

I fit pay d winner dt money sef. NEXT!

Anonymous said...

linda ur comment will b visible afta approval

Anonymous said...

Mich u couldn't have said it any better,I like ur comments a lot.
Its good to know that there are people who not only appreciate poetry but also know its rudiments.
@Anon 10:48pm,this particular post isn't for everyone,u only comment here if you know ur poetry,thank u.

Anonymous said...

Were u trying to show off or was that actually very necessary?@ Mich

Anonymous said...

Naaah,prince charming is nt a poet,he is jst smbdy wu spends hours studyin d dictionary and likes to show off..mich is a much beta analyst of sure u r single...future hubby of cute G,she likes pple wu use vocabs,u can even b poor sef,she wnt mind...its ur boy xavier

what!!!!! said...

Linda put ma comment up nw,shooo abi we dey fyt..

Anonymous said...

Grab my pop corn n watch telemundo

Anonymous said...

$500? Mtscheeeeew!!!

Anonymous said...

Prince Charming make sure U participate nd charm dem wit all dis big grammer U always write here

Pweetyuche said...

Love d art of 2 play on words wen I was still in high school. This is really good.

Anonymous said...

PC u should sign up for this although I'm not sure if d words u use tease & please, they tend to confuse the average reader! Hehe. anyhuz send in ur video oooo! I bet ur LIB fans will show up to support u. #JayBeyBlu

Anonymous said...

What's so poetic about tantrums throwing? Seriously, this is another way of getting over another boring day in lagos.

This people won't know poetry if it slapped them in the face. The spoken word was supposed to be a way of channeling grievances against the system and self-expression. I just see crowd-pleasers (not as if these people actually get a crowd) and 'please-give-us-your-money' show promoters.

I'm not being sad. If you know anything about the harlem poetry and the black renaissance, you would know better and see through the shenanigans.

But if indoors is no longer good enough for you. Go were pleases your kindred spirits!

-- Suave.

Visages Parfait said...

((O_O)) thatz crab??? The distance between 'P' n 'B' tho *skips on*

Visages Parfait said...

Oooooowkay,I get your "tokyo" drift now!!! :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Mich, I beg to differ. Oral or spoken poetry is nothing other than a speech to me. But the most important factor to me ,I think is that written poetry is better appreciated by those who are versed in the art of words while spoken poetry is better appreciated by those who don't belong to the former class. For the simple reason that the quiet stillness of the mind is the best place to appreciate a good poem. Written poetry can be pretty intense cos ur mind acts on it immediately. Everything jumps at you,the play on words,the figures of speech ,even something as ordinary as italicized letters. Written poetry has a life of its own,its heady , breathes! Ur mind reads it the best way it can sound,the most appealing way it can be received by ur mind. Written poetry has life. You see the letters move,you see the image the writer is trying to create form before you. I get goose pimples everytime I read a good poem or write-up. They just don't belong to the same category. Written poetry is tangible. Even if its written on a piece of paper,u can't throw it away. It wd feel like poetry is sacred.--- Pretty T

Anonymous said...

End time Tinz!

anita said...

Mehn dis mich dude should stop showing off abeg we know u know grammar abeg go meet dat hon."Wateva his name is" make una talk, poetry is about using vocabs dude. Anyway I love dis let's sit and enjoy cos me no sabi write or spit out... so lemme do d 1 i can sit and applaud

anita said...

Mehn dis mich dude dou, should stop showing off we know u know big grammar but it's so not necessary now better go identify with dat hon."Watefa his name is" so una go murder unaselves with d grammar... Anyway I love dis, poetry in nigeria should be appreciated we dey try ni. Lagos get ready

Anonymous said...

add me up on fb michael alex iceberg

crazy sexy said...

Why would we want to do dat @ anons 10:11

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