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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Dencia slams mag headline that linked her to Bill Gates, Banky W

Singer Dencia did a Yes! magazine interview this week but says there was no where in the interview where she said she is dating or have dated any of the names mentioned on the magazine cover. See the full interview after the cut...


(1) Tell us how your musical career  started?

This question never gets old does it lol.Oct 2011 I released my first
single beri beri and video in Nigeria oh and first saw it on

(2) What are some of your childhood dreams?
  To be a top entertainer,growing up I've always been that it Girl oh
lol and people think I am funny hehehe which is true but Singing has
been it for me although I didn't start until last year but I think I
started at the right time.God's time is the best.

(3) Would you say you have been able to achieve them?

 Yes I have God is amazing you know I grew up in Cameroon with my
maternal grandparents,now when I talk to childhood friends they remind
me I always told them I will be hanging with hollywood stars etc which
is true I have worked hard towards this dream and I can't stop
thanking God the best is still to come I know so.

(4) What were you doing before your discovered you talent in music?

 I have always known music was it for me but I needed the right time
to get it out.While preparing for my big break,I was a
model,actress,i was doing it all.Did a lot of
behind the scenes work and got a lot of experience  which is amazingly,i
co-direct my videos,style myself n dancers and all the 9yards.

(5) How did you arrived at the name Dencia?

 My name is Reprudencia so my dj friend famous dj syncity and I were
picking names and since my younger friends like smalls in a school
always called me Dencia it was just a nice name plus it's been part of
me for ever n DJ syn who's been in the biz in America 4 a minute knows
more so I trusted her.

(6) From California with the likes of 50cent and Chris Brown. How was
the experience like?

    Tbh it's just normal for me,I have literally hung out with
everyone I have met from Bill gates to Oprah's so it's like whatever,i
have had humbling experiences like  when I first met Christina millian,
she came to my house we hung out chatted it was like wow I use to
watch her on tv and now she's in my living room,i went to a clive
Davis party and he singled me out n told me I am supposed to be on a
stage,George Clooney telling me I look super hot etc    Chris brown is
amazing and 50 cents is a straight up fool he is so funny like if you
hang out with him,you will literally laugh all through its fun,it's
normal it's chill you know its not celebrities they act regular,they make u feel comfortable.

(7) Outside Nigeria, who was the greatest musician u ever worked with?

   Depends on what type of work,i have designed for Gaga,nicki
minaj,Christina milian,keyshia cole the list goes on I have featured
in major videos 50,Jeremiah,Chris brown,Hollywood undead the list goes

(8) How many tracks have you produced up to date?

    I actually have about 10+ but its a strategic thing,releasing
music is strategic you know.its like when I need to do my American
debut it's a different type of song,my French Debut different etc

(9) Which of the tracks brought you out to limelight?

  Beri Beri was my first Single,although I think it my weakest song
but people love it,it was my first official African release

(10) How was it like working with Ghanian No.1 Sarkodie on your new
single Me and U?

    I think Sarkodie did an amazing job on Me & U.Its actually my
fav,I love it the song was done when I was in a place where it's
things I was planning on doing with someone lol,I think music is good
when it's something you feeling.i really appreciate Sarkodie on it
love it.

(11) People believed that work was dedicated to Ghanian footballer,
Michael Essien who showed public affection to you. How true is it?

   Tbh the person knows himself I won't drop names but I think he
knows because I told him and thanked him for being an inspiration and
for putting me in a position where I created a record that a girl can
let lose and have a great time with her man (covers face)
unfortunately for me I never practiced it i just sang it while
preparing to do it which never happened and it doesn't mean it wasn't
gonna happen.

(12) How true is it that you snatched him from Ghanian actress, Nadia Buari?

   Snatched who?what?huh? Really btw who's Nadia and who did I snatch
from her?she me her ain't no snatcher lol I get snatched up lol
hahahaha seriously it's not that serious I didn't snatch nobody and no
one gets snatched if they don't want to be snatched in generally not
this situation though every situation

(13) What is the truth about your romance with Banky W ?

    Banky W what? who? ..excuse me Ro what mance ke? Ain't nobody got
time fo that .. That rumour is sooooo throw back like it came out  when
Abacha was military president Hahahahha No comment Really

(14) Why have you found it so difficult to settle with a man?

  Lol this question should be directed to men not me Dencia .. And the
last time I checked lol hello hmmmmm (coughs)

15) What can we expect from you later this year musically

   I am so excited as I am releasing new music in like 2 seconds been
working on different genres of music exploring different things,new
producers,co-writing with others I think it's going to be amazing.I
sing in French too which is exciting I am doing Coupe decale,straight
up Pop like house shit,Afro Pop,Makossa then I do a little listening
session to pick my new singles,I haven't dropped anything since Me &
U,been sick,been performing etc so I am ready to drop hot new
music,sexy new videos its long over due the year can't end without me
giving y'all some good Dencia music and video.i am stoked and that's
my main focus I need to take over.

16).  You’ve got your own fashion label and you always look amazing.
Would you say you are fashion obsessed?

   I live for fashion infact I love it.My line comes out soon I will
venture into different things fashion wise I just want everyone to
look fabulous I want them to look amazing.You can't catch me not
dressed up in my heels n fab clothes its like it just happens.

17)   What do you think about other industry female artists?Who is
your competition

   Tbh I am my only competitor.I look in my mirror and all I see is me
Dencia no one else,I belong to more than one industry and I applaud
all the ladies and what they're doing like its amazing there's space
for everyone and we need to be a better sisterhood like the Boyz it
don't mater who sings better,has more fans its about being a sister
hood you know together we can move mountains,it's a new era new
generation speaking for myself we are young and fabulous lets give the
world what it needs.

(18) Why do you always like to flaunt your sexuality, most especially
your well rounded breast?

    How do you flaunt something that's right there like on every
woman's chest like how do I hide it?why should I?i'm a woman meaning I
am sexy naturally like every woman I don't need to flaunt it I just do

(19) What attracts you to men?

    Hmmm great question ..Well let me name a few guys I have a lil
tiny bitty lil tiny bitty of an ounce of a lil crush on or had on and
you will tell what attracts me.


Cristiano Ronaldo

And I like mikel Obi's lil smile
(lmao I know I am going to hell for
this lol and I will be the locker room conversation but who cares) and
having a lil crush doesn't mean I wanna date them though don't get it

(20) Are you also waiting for Mr. right?

   Lol no I am waiting for Mr left hahahaha

(21) At what age did you lose your virginity?

   This is personal and for the young girls reading  this it happened
when I was independent living on my own out of my parents house.Its
important to be ready I was an adult so take your time don't rush you
not missing anything at all mater of fact December 2013 will be two
years since I have been practicing celibacy and its amazing.Aint got
no worries but ladies I have dated but never got sexual so you know
you can date be inlove be happy without sex.

(22) What was the experience like?

    The experience was personal

(23) How did you eventually lose your virginity?

   Lol same way you lost yours (did u lose urs yet) how every body
does duh when you let someone put their Ding Ding in your pim pim
(lol) well that's what I know maybe there's other methods I didn't

(24) What would you say is your unique selling point?

   I will definitely say me Dencia I can't be anyone but me,I am
Dencia I am unique that's my selling point.

(25) What was the most crazy thing you ever did?

      When I tried to commit suicide looking at it,I feel stupid and
dumb and I laugh at myself because there's not worst than trying to
commit suicide and u don't die lol I took pills I was 14 I was sick
for a month my head was feeling heavy like I couldn't even get off my
bed.But I realized we have a purpose on earth and life is too sweet to
die tho and the stupid reason smh just because I had to go stay with
my uncle for the summer for being too stubborn lol crazy teenager.

(26) Who is the man in your life?

   God is I love him,like I'm inlove with him.

(27) How have you been able to keep your body hot and sexually
attractive all the time?

    Well idk I just do me really,my body keeps me lol.

(28) How do you feel being compared to American Lady Gaga?

   I feel honored she is a legend I admire her although I don't see
the similarities between us.she's an amazing person

(29) Which Nigerian artiste do you still intends to work it?

   Definitely dbanj,2face and Flavour . I love their music n style and

(30) What other plans do you.

     To live longer,be successful,help others realize their dreams and
live my dreams ...


Anonymous said...

Yipee 1st 2 likeyyyy

★★PRINCE CHARMING™★★ said...

The perfidiousness of the media these days is quite appalling! They cook up blatant lies just to sugarcoat stories and get eye catchy headlines. SMH! Just a few have credibility left.

★★PRINCE CHARMING™★★ said...

The perfidiousness of the media these days is quite appalling! They cook up blatant lies just to sugarcoat stories and get eye catchy headlines. SMH! Just a few have credibility left.

Anonymous said...

ppl should pls summarize this stories so that BR can read it and find interesting this is a blog not a newspaper. dencia pls sit ur ass down

SolaDunn said...


amazing stuff on my fashion blog

Anonymous said...

Denica you sure look like you date every one , you look like a slut

Mich said...

Who the shag is Dencia,please?
Do I think this interview is crappy?Yes!
Do I think this Dencia of a woman needs to get over herself?Yes!
Do I think this magazine is corny?Yes!

Anonymous said...


malam musa said...

kaii wetin i dey talk for dis news,me i no get am,

Anonymous said...

All dz stupid yoruba dirty gals. I will never marry A yoruba gal in my life

Anonymous said...

Yeah groupie, called dencia does not want a big fat lawsuit from bill gates. All this no talent fluzzy running fucking around like a professional groupie. Bitch you need to keep your trap shut and stopping yapping before you get sued. Dumb ass whore!! no brain cells what so ever!

Anonymous said...

"(lmao I know I am going to hell for
this lol and I will be the locker room
conversation but who cares)" Dencia 4 ur mind na

Anonymous said...

Diz babe dey lie 4 state!!! Hanhan pls she shld take it easy b4 3rdmainland bridge collapses

Pweetyuche said...

Long interview.Super story.

Anonymous said...

See her mouth like affair
~D great anonymous!

techkla said...

Gosh gotta love this lady.Beautiful soul. To crown it,she's smart. Keep it up miss D

Unknown said...

I really dislike her after reading this

Anonymous said...

The answer about Banky and Nadia had me rolling on the floor this girl is a clown.i like the interview and that suicide part glad she didn't die and knows its wrong.i think almost everyone has thought of suicide at some point in life

Anonymous said...

That journalist is a pervert asking about her virginity and her answers are very good she knows how to do an interesting interview and that headline was deceiving I don't see her saying she dated anyone

kikidaope said...

Why is fashioon going towards nakedness?its alarming the rate at which people naked themselves and call it fashion.these celebs are not role models in anyway,if they are dressing like this now then in 5yrs time fashion will be Pant and Bra o.hmmmmmm God help us.

Anonymous said... likey

Cutie! said...

Kindly check out Nigeria's best journal/blog of a hot single lady and feel free to leave your comments.

Anonymous said...

Well done...packaging yourself...who Ȋ̝̊̅§ Nadia buari?...come off ℓ̊τ̅....get off ur high horse...

Ms Jaan said...

Biko who is this?she has no wikipedia,all she has is a verified twitter account.

Anonymous said...

The worst interview I have ever read, dencia definitely lacks class OMG

Unknown said...

Nice one dencia. Enjoyed the interview.

confessor said...

Is dis journalist 4 real?
Virginity? Isn't dat suppose 2
Be personal?I mean is dat how she learnt journalism?na wa!
2mao she wl ask omotola
how she does it with her
Husband in bed.....
Densia I ruff u mais pls don't
Go close 2 my mikel cos na der
We go fight cos I knw u said dat
2 send a signal 2 him.

@sinzu said...

Ye ma form familiarity..yeh yeh yeh!
Oh no!!! Gerrout! *in wizkid's voice*
I swear Wizkid is a prophet....he must have seen this interview in time while he was composing those lyrics

This babe dey form familiarity like fuck! Nadia Buari is way more popular than she is!


Anonymous said...

Everything about this chap from head to toe is fake.she should be beggin men for relationship not doing yanga.kpalasa.

Anonymous said...

I luv u dencia

ary said...

When you do an interview with a soft sell mag what do you expect? Na wa 4 u oh!

Rough Diamond said...

Bimbo @dencia

Anonymous said...

Rude gurh *kiss kiss* me love ya oooo

soso said...

Fine gurl no character,wen dey askd u y u single u sed dey shld ask d mehn dat,its coz u dnt hav a good attitude men r crazy abt pretty gals n all,buh wen it comes 2 having a keeper dey knw d kinda gal dey wanna take home d beauty jus bkums a bonus

Anonymous said...

who is she??? Proud bitch that nobody knows

Anonymous said...

Na wa o!she hs met err1 in hollywood ni?I lyk her videos though.

Anonymous said...

Oh please shut up dencia!

Unknown said...

dont claim you dont want bill gates

Anonymous said...

What type of write up is this?

@EDDYSYFAR said...

D̶̲̥̅̊ gals fine sha.

@EDDYSYFAR said...

D̶̲̥̅̊ gals fine sha.

#MsSize8 said...

Cameroon in the building!!!!! Woooo #goDencia

Gemzy said...

Wt kinda stupid interview is dis????

Anonymous said...

She's so full of herself.u hang out wit dis persn tht persn came to ur house. Only u.abeg go..

Anonymous said...

Me love dis gal, she's pretty, hot n sexy n she doesn't knw Nadia. Lol, bet she doesn't knw linda 2.

Anonymous said...

Sriosly I dnt knw who dis babe is n wat she does....bsides all dis christaina milan,50cent gistings,I dnt get.mtcheew.U call God n xpose ur body I no even undastnd d corelation...

CHARMY said...

Is it me or isn't this interview suppose 2 be official.Can't this gurl answer a question with straight answer!wat is with all ding ding ding!or pim !pim!like she is tying a message on bbm with a close friend.#nohating#For a pweety, she really lacks some sense.

Anonymous said...

*faints* pls just die dencia isn't Nigerian u big fool

Cutie! said...

Ashawo Dencia!
check out-

emerald said...

Pls ooooooo!not my mikel dat one we go
She's actually a smart girl..that's an interview joor!!get over the hate people..
Moreover,salvation is personal..think about ur soul 1st before u start pointin fingers..

Anonymous said...

Lol. Do I think mich is funny?yes?yes! Lol

sweetest cunt said...

Prince Charming this your dp is sooo badt! I want!

Anonymous said...

Oh please this nonentity wishes... ain't nobody got time fo her.....sit ur wack ass down!

Unknown said...

Hehehehe!!! Chooii we've got some state of de art liars.....omoh Eldee talk am o shaa@WASH WASH

Anonymous said...

Proud fool....who she b slf

wemimo said...

U must be a goat for uttering ds rubbish...moron oshi..wt has Yoruba got to do with this....eleribu....

Anonymous said...


Tiana said...

In all I hv just realise dat suicide aint no option! I always think of it but I just found out its not only me thinking of commiting suicide. I hope it dosent cross my mind ever again.

Anonymous said...

"September 5, 2013 at 8:05 PM
"Anonymous said...
All dz stupid yoruba dirty gals. I will never marry A yoruba gal in my life
September 5, 2013 at 8:06 PM"

Whoever you are, you are so very pathetic. What has this post got to do with the mindless and illogical comment you just made? What a bitter tribalist you are. Linda, I'm surprised you'd also post something so meaningless and ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 8:06pm I think u re very very stupid 4 uttering dis kind of rubbish 4rm ur dirty and stinking goat mouth.idiot like u and I think u re a big fool in d making who cares whether u marry a yoruba girl.ode oshi,oponu ,amunkunmeko, go to hell

Anonymous said...

Wts wit d 'lol' here and dat...nd dt comment abt Nadia?like dos ds fish-like bitch serzly tinks she's popular dan her?get off ur hight horse miss hollywood wanna be.bill gates ko,bill door ni#nextpls#

buzz said...

U nid help

Anonymous said...

Heyyyyyyyyyyyy.....hold it!!!
4 d records..she's not a Nigerian!!
Nd u not knowing who dencia is nd u just decided to blab on ere..u're long lost like LOST!

...Please don't marry a yoruba girl because I don't want you to know how wonderful they are in marriage...idiot oshii
What's it with this tribal warefa sef?...oniranu..amono oorun ma loh


Unknown said...

You're a very daft individual...she's from cameroon

Unknown said...

Oga itz headline just to get pple to read and also buy d mag. It doesn't mean d relationship tin as ur fuckin dirty head is telin u but d relationship dat has to do wit work or maybe dey met somewhere. So watz appalling there. Plz read and understand b4 u make ur grammatical commentz....aka Alinko.

Anonymous said...

She's jus one bitch tryin go get cheap atention. WTF is she. From where did she come from. Please dencia jus sit down ur ass. U can tell she's forming.

khemorah said...

Who is Dencia??? :s

khemorah said...

I think Linda jst made her popular!

Livvsreamblog said...

I like most of her reply

Anonymous said...

And how does dat reduce her? Stay there

Anonymous said...

If she doesn't know Nadia Buari leave it like that she doesn't. If u wanna claim u know sm1 you have to know that person, not only by seein her in movies or meetin at occasions. And dumb ass*s read very well n tell me where she said she dated any of those guys? It's very normal to fantasize. And if u have wiz kid or Davido in ur crib won't u shout n show every bit of ur time with them into the air?

Sane Mind said...

Dencia is good looking but i think she should cover herself more cos being an artiste does not mean you should always be nude and thank God you said you have a thing for michel but sincerely do you think any responsible man would want to wife a lady that's not ready to settle down with the your kind of dressing that exposes all your body and leaves so little for imagination

ms fadeshewa said...

Igbotic mentality wen will dis shapeless igbo pple ever grow up?

Anonymous said...

I think she talks too much.... u don't have to give details... just answer to what u were asked

Curtiz said...

Wagbayi jare !!!! Such a BIG fool !! Or should I say foolish fool ?

Anonymous said...

bloddy liar

Anonymous said...

Fadeoshi,your a big foool.why bring igbo's into this????better borrow brains from a goat,which will be better than the stone and cement you have inside ur head.....senseless shitty fool.

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