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Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Phenomenon called Aju

Aju (second left) with members of Aju Global
The recent Nigeria’s Next Super Model Event held at the prestigious Oriental Hotel was coordinated by AJU Global Nigeria Limited. The CEO of AJU Global, is a TV producer and presenter, singer and song writer and also the international artist simply known as AJU. 
AJU was the high powered MC that dazzled the show. There are two major things that make a great show, the venue and the MC.  AJU  carried the crowd in a legendary way.  People, wanted AJU to sing but then others, wanted her to look into hosting high powered shows around the country from now on.

 Her company AJU Global Management Services is an international company based in Atlanta Georgia USA and doing business as AJU GLOBAL MEDIA NIGERIA LIMITED.

We are a public relations and marketing company and we also provide logistics content, business development, products and service promotions locally and abroad.  AJU Elumelu the CEO of AJU Global worked in corporate America and she is a seasoned sales and marketing professional with over 10 years experience in market development, publicity, product promotions and advertising. We at AJU Global refer to ourselves as “grassroot soldiers.”

As A Strategic Business Developer, AJU

-Lead sales and marketing activities during start-ups.

-Develope and implemente promotions plan, publicity for products and services

-Create regional sales and distribution structure for diverse products

-Provide field sales support for products and develope retail network                   

Areas of specialty include:

-Product promotions & presentation    -Public Relations

-Customer Service                             -Television, content and logistics

-Advertising Sales                             -Market Development

 We have participated in several events including:


2.       Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu

3.       Surgeon general of the USA (David Satcher)

4.       Governors and Mayors

5.       President of Gambia

6.       President of Morocco

7.       President of Nigeria (Olusegun Obasanjo)

8.       Nigerian First Lady H. E. Mrs. Stella Obasanjo (late)

9.       The Pan African Peoples Congress

10.   The Nigerian Peoples forum USA

11.      The Consulate General of Nigeria.

12.    Miss Telecoms (7th

13.     August, 2009)

14.    Telecoms Award (8th August, 2009)

15.    JD7 Couture

16.    City People Award

17.     Movie Premiers

18.     Nigeria’s Next Super Model (October 2007 & 2011)

19.    Presidential Villa Abuja ( 10th  Bilateral relationship between Nigeria and South Africa, on the 13th of November)

19.  Nigeria Model Achievers Awards (host & artist for the show)

20. Presidential Villa Aso Rock for (President Good Luck Jonathan

21.  Martin Luther King show for MLK 111

22. Vanquard Allure show July 2011.

23. ZAFAA Awards July 2011

AJU Global is currently involved in several youth initiatives amongst which is the NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) where she provides publicity,  content and logistics for any company who wants direct / bulk marketing opportunities to about 5000-6000 young graduates at a time .   Please, be informed that the Batch C NYSC Camp commences month of November 2011 for 3 weeks only.

We have deep experience and an extensive network of contacts in publicity, marketing, business development, in the entertainment industry and in all manner of PRESS. These are channels for reaching people especially the youth world over.



Mr JAY SLICK said...

Linda, pls jes add to ur profile "For advert placement, call: 08012345678 email:" ahn ahn, wen u turn advertisin agent na, ☺ ga ☺!!! First 'twas for Kanu n nw AJU smh!

Anonymous said...

AJU, AJU, AJU, AJU, AJU, AJU, AJU ...... Reading this post felt like Linda Ikeji is giving (NHS Direct) cold and flu advice. In my head, AJU sounded like sneezing sound, hachoo, achoo, atchoo, achew .... 

In another news:
Sneezing with your eyes open can make your eyeballs pop out :)

Anonymous said...

Wetin concern us concern aju now linda?abegii...mak she park well

Gist Man said...

com'on, Aju is finer than this!lol

Not A Comment said...

With regards to the Elise Tan-Roberts' article which I sent earlier today, here's the link to the Youtube video. Thanks.

moi said...

For a PR/Advertising company, this public release is terrible. Perhaps the formatting and look is due to you but somehow I doubt that. I am not persuaded to do business with her. Don't they say actions/looks matter than words.
She should sack whoever wrote this media pitch and she release another one.
I am not hating oh. Just pointing out that a company whose CEO has worked in corporate America before starting her own bouquet can try to get things right.

Dojaa said...

She is a phenomenon?

Anonymous said...

Did you just mention phenomena!? PUHLEEEAZE!!!!!For your mind madam ikeji abi? mstewwwww!

Anonymous said...

@ moi..which kind corporate America...where did u get dat info from? Smh! Does living in America mean the person worked corporate?

Anonymous said...

"Dazzled the show" & "Carried the crowd in a legendary way". Laughing out loud (u know what I'm talking about). I see a future in politics for you Linda.

moi said...

@Anon 5:46 AM, it says so in the press release.

chichiluv said...

International artist? Beyonce, Jayz, Janet Jackson, J-Lo, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West etc are an internationally recognized artists. Biko nu!

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