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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Stowaway: We are investigating the incident - Med-View Airline

The management of Med-View Airline has reacted to the stowaway incident on its flight from Lagos to London.

The young boy identified as Emmanuel Ugochukwu survived freezing temperature for over six hours after stowing away in the front wheels of Medview Aircraft cruising at an altitude of 32,00 feet above sea level from Lagos to London and back to Lagos. 

A spokesperson of the airline, Chief Obuke Oyibotha told Daily Trust yesterday that the airline was collaborating with the Police and other security agencies at the Murtala Mohammad International Airport (MMIA), Lagos, to investigate the incident.


Amos Mohammed said...

from Lagos to London and back to Lagos.well, dude has just been over sea and came back.

Alloy Chikezie said...

Talk is cheap.

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Esther Norah said...

All this stupid desperate nigerian youth. Wetin e go do there now. Instead of using all that strength to survive her ignoramus period

dee boi said...

And they claim they have the best security at the international airport with all their gragra at the entrance... dee


They must be stupid.....What are their security men doing?Nigeria shaa.

Anonymous said...

What was the point? Why didn't he get down in London? Uk airport security nko? They didn't see the guy?

isaiah uwem said...

Think of the lives of innocent law abiding genuine passengers endangered by one foolish moron and ineptitude of airport/airline staff . God safe us all

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