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Friday, 7 July 2017

Robot saves little girl from getting crushed by a shelf

A little girl was saved from getting crushed to death by a falling shelf, all thanks to a fast robot that quickly held on to the toppling unit thereby giving the girl a chance to escape.
The girl who looks about 7 or 8 years was unaccompanied and could easily have been crushed, as no one else was close enough.

The incident happened within the vicinity of a university. Dressed in a black top and lemon green pants, the girl skipped to a shelf and began to climb it, probably to reach for something at the top. Soon after she climbs, the shelf starts to topple. The robot named Promobot quickly zooms forward and lifts up its arm to stop the metal unit from collapsing on the girl. 

The video was captured on CCTV in the lobby of the Perm Polytechnic University in the central Russian city of Perm. It had been the student graduation ceremony and as such a busy day.

Oleg Kivokurtsev, Director of Promobot’s Development said the robot had been invited to the graduation ceremony to take part in the event, and was waiting for its turn to be called when the accident happened.

He added it was a “pure coincidence” as it is equipped with a ‘mirror mode’ which enables it to emulate human actions.

See the video below.


ella john said...

Lucky her

Anonymous said...


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samuel Ezebuchi said...

She get luck

Anonymous said...

A case for robotics and mechatronics. The world is moving to the next stage. 2017 will look so primitive in the next 100 years.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That shelf could have never crushed the girl to death. The title of the post is exaggerated..

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