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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Mother poses as her 13-year-old daughter to catch paedophile trying to lure her into BDSM games

34-year-old Kelly Carberry was left in shock after deciding to check the Facebook profile of her 13-year-old daughter for the first time, and a message sent by a suspected paedophile, popped up saying "do you promise to keep your mouth shut?"

Rather than immediately challenge him, Kelly decide to investigate and went along with the messages as if she was her daughter - 13-year-old schoolgirl Chloe-Marie...

The alleged pervert, who she claims was pretending to be a female, continued to reply and attempted to lure her into playing out master and slave sex games. She however later challenged him and he quickly deleted his account.

After revealing the disgusting messages on social media, Kelly believes she has exposed a paedophile who has targeted 'at least 100' young girls after messages from other parents confirmed that he also contacted their kids. She said;

'After I posted the warning, other mothers have got in contact with the messages he has sent their daughters. I have got his real name now after posting his picture too. One woman claimed she reported him to the police weeks ago and they have obviously not done anything. It was the same man. On his "about you" section, it said "I am Jess, a 31-year-old transgender female and I only speak to girls".
 See the messages below...


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