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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

House of Reps to summon ex-president, Goodluck Jonathan, over Malabu deal

The House of Representatives says it would be inviting former President Goodluck Jonathan, to give his evidence on his role in the controversial $1 billion Malabu Oil deal. The former president has been accused of collecting bribe during the transactions for the sale the oil well in 2015.

Chairman of the Ad-hoc Committee probing the alleged corruption, malpractices and breach of

process in the award of OPL 245, Razak Atunwa, said the committee would be writing to Jonathan so he can appear before them to clear his name.

The committee chairman said they have conducted extensive investigation into the OPL 245 fraud and was coming close to the end of their investigations, hence the need to give Jonathan a fair hearing since his name was mentioned in the matter.

A statement by the committee noted that it took account of the following facts:
(i) Mr Jonathan was the President at the material time the Ministers brokered the deal that led to the allegation of $1bn diversion of funds;
(ii) Mr Jonathan’s name features in the proceedings initiated by the Public Prosecutor of Milan in Italy;
(iii) A U.K. Court Judgment in relation to an application to return part of the money being restrained, castigated the Jonathan Administration as not having acted in the best interest of Nigeria in relation to the ‘deal’;
(iv) The Attorney-General of the Federation at the material time, Mohammed Bello Adoke, has recently instituted proceedings in court wherein he pleads that all his actions were as instructed by former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Accordingly, pursuant to the provisions of the Constitution, the Committee has decided to request that former President Goodluck Jonathan give evidence as to his role in the matter. The statement added that the Secretariat will write to the former president asking for his response and submissions.


Anonymous said...

If GEJ goes to this panel, I will believe he is the weakest Ex-President ever.

Joyous babe,Linda Ikeji First Cousin said...


NaijaDeltaBabe said...


... Merited happiness

daniel ubong said...

They should not stress this man o.

Manuel Kunmi said...


Robert Idoko said...

U guys are mad n very many Obasanjos,ibbs,atikus n even buharis dat 11 brief cases of foreign currency disappeared with as a pdf chairman have you people invited?jobless morons

Anonymous said...

you guys should keep digging you will never find any stain with this honorable man. Linda i am yet to read your post on swiss account released by the american government. all the secret account holders in swiss account. senate should probe them all. buhari, his wife, amaechi and co. they loot and hide in swiss account. pls make it open for all to see. they should stop all these witch hunting. bastards.

Anonymous said...

Wat of our 'so called president' that million of pounds is being wasted on his health at the expense of Nigerians. The only agenda APC leadership has is to witch hunt people.

Paul Ekwune said...

Is Jonathan the only former president Nigeria ever had? Today his wife tomorrow his aid now Jonathan, You guys should stop insulting.our former president or if you want to probe former presidents you start from the beginning to the end, Pls allow this man to rest.

Nnaemeka Giginna said...

How many northerner ex Presidents have been invited to explain how they allocated oil block to their friends,family members and in-laws. If gej honor those fools then I will withdraw my respect for him.

Anonymous said...

We Niger Delta are waiting for dat dat, we will till u ppl dat abuja is too small for u to blow dat house off stupid ppl,wat are there doing in dat house self thieves like them

Akeem Opayemi said...

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demmy akintunde said...

You are now talking. Useless man

EKURE Daniel said...

Pls, don't forget to probe that of oil windfall under Babangida. Thanks

Anonymous said...

useless house members want to prob their father.. idiots

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