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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Drunk teenage girl discovers she was gang-raped after Police found a video of the incident six weeks later

A 16-year-old girl was shocked to discover she had been gang raped at a house party when police approached her with uncovered 17-minute-long footage of the assault.

According to reports, Kurt Stevenson, 26, Andrew Waters, 24, and Tristan Carlyle-Watson, 26 (pictured) raped the girl after she was invited to the party via Facebook.

She reportedly asked Carlyle-Watson to take care of her, smoked cannabis and drank alcohol to such an extent that she wasn’t able to consent. The Prosecutor Sharon Harris said one man can be heard in the video bragging: “One by one we’ll all get a f**k” and another said; “I’ll get this f***ing party started c***” after their victim said she was tired and wanted to sleep.

She couldn't remember what happened other than waking up in bed being allegedly sexually assaulted by Carlyle-Watson, but finally found out after police officers tracked her down and revealed a group of men had sex with her.

The accused have each pleaded not guilty to multiple offences including aggravated sexual assault in company and inflicting actual bodily harm.

Stevenson’s lawyer Michael Smith said his client had consensual sex with the girl, had no idea it was being filmed and on numerous occasions told the others to get out.

Waters’ lawyer Peter Little said there was an issue of consent and the complainant can be seen co-operating, while Carlyle-Watson’s lawyer Paul Glissan said the girl was “actively participating in the sex.”


Yemi said...

this is the reason why i believe you should only drink in your house and not at parties. i have no issues with alcohol but when you overdo it outside your house,

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you are likely to misbehave seriously. look at the girl now, she has messed up herself big time because she couldn't control her thirst for alcohol.

NaijaDeltaBabe said...

How won't she know she was gangraped?

... Merited happiness

OSINANL said...


Alloy Chikezie said...

It's very wrong and unwise of her to get herself drunk in a party, especially in a party with strangers. Although that doesn't justify the actions of the men.

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Gift Ogo said...

linda do u call that rape? That's they had sex not rape, after all she cause it, under age of nowadays

Anonymous said...

Really? She didn't feel anything down there? At the end of the day they will say it's her fault

Anonymous said...

Sometimes abuse or attempted abuse happens and one never knows.
This is exactly what happened in the big brother house

Anonymous said...

All I can say is avoidable nonsense. What business does a girl have staying in a room with unkown boys. Shebi when they say days are evil people no dey hear and I tell you wicked people are not ugly and evil looking, they look very good and very friendly so ladies dont leave your brain at home when you meet a handsome dude o.

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