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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Disturbing video of drunken plane passenger covered in blood after he suddenly starts screaming and punching seat in front of him

A very shocking violent episode unfolded in a plane flying from Moscow to Antalya in Turkey.

During the flight, a drunken airline passenger suddenly flew into a fit of rage and began screaming and punching the seat in front of him as blood trickled down his face onto his body.

His shirt and jean were splattered with blood and he looked really distressed. Fellow passengers sitting close to the disoriented man on the Red Wings flight from the Russian capital can be seen easing slightly away. According to reports, cabin crew tried to calm him down but failed so they resorted to restraining him. Passengers can be seen preventing him from carrying out further self-harm by placing him on his back before tying his hands together with a seat belt from behind.

When the plane reached its destination, police were seen on the tarmac waiting for the bloodied man, RMF Maxxx reports. The reason for his outburst can not be decided from the video and the airline did not say.

Watch the video below.


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