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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Body Language expert weighs in on Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna's relationship, says it was doomed to fail

Following Rob Kardashian's outburst on Instagram yesterday where he exposed a lot of things about Blac Chyna - nudes included - a body language expert who reviewed photos of the couple during their past one-and-a-half years together has weighed in on the situation.

Susan Constantine, a leading body language expert in human behaviour, told DailyMail that their relationship was "doomed to fail from the beginning".

She gave reasons for her conclusion, one of them being that Rob was more into the relationship than Chyna while the former stripper had a motive for being in the relationship.

She said: "It's apparent that he's more into her, than she is into him. He wants more out of the relationship. He is working so hard to get her approval, and acknowledgement but is not getting anything close."

She said while Rob was in it because he truly loved Chyna and desperately wanted to make it work, it wasn't the case with the 29-year-old who was  "in it all for herself."

She continued to analyse their relationship, saying: "There is so much artificialness about her. I don't see him as having the agenda in the relationship, but she definitely has an agenda. He's just a regular guy who wants to have a relationship. He's enamoured by her. But she's just on display."

Ms Constantine further revealed there were certain signs or gestures experts looked out for as signals a relationship is in trouble. Stonewalling is one of those signals and she said a lot of that was in the relationship from Chyna's end.

"We see a lot of that here. She puts him in the back burner, she won't commit to him. She is definitely in control," the expert added.

She warned that if Rob and Chyna get back together, it would be a "very tumultuous relationship."


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