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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Between January and June, we have registered 3,000 births in IDP Camps - SEMA

The Borno State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) on Monday said it registered 3,000 births among Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the past six months. The SEMA Chairman, Satomi Ahmad, made the disclosure in Maiduguri.
Satomi said that the births were registered at various camps located in the state capital between January and June.

He explained that the birth records showed a significant increase in view of the high number of couples staying at the camps.

He added that “we recorded 3,000 births among IDPs in the last six months. The mothers were supported with drugs and reproductive kits.”

The SEMA boss said the agency was working in collaboration with the state’s Ministry of Health to support expectant mothers and enhance reproductive health management in the camps.

The chairman said SEMA had provided ambulances to enhance referral services and reduce mortality.

Earlier, SEMA said it registered 13,000 births in IDPs camps in the past four years.

It also said that it helped the mothers and babies with food items, nutritional supplements, and dresses for the newborn.


NaijaDeltaBabe said...

This life though

... Merited happiness

dee boi said...

Why won't prick raise anyhow wn work no dey for them... dee

king maker said...

Good for them

Jade said...

I'll take it that no one at SEMA saw the need for contraceptive sensitising the IDPs on the use of contraceptives. If you cannot adequately provide for them and they can't provide for themselves, how on earth can they provide for their newborn children????!!!


I told you guys. HAUSA CAN.... LOL. GOD!!!

Anonymous said...

Restructure Nigeria so the northerners can see the need for contraceptives.when one idiot go born 15 children for em mind e b lord.when them restructure Nigeria and you chop Wetin u produce.dem go get sense.



Joyous babe,Linda Ikeji First Cousin said...

This is too much now.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean the men in these camps are just too busy engaging in marathon unprotected sex with the women and girls in the camps for lack of something better to do.

Anonymous said...

Fucklicants.... Ndi ugwu mehn!

Agbomen said...

Them get another work? Smh.

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