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Saturday, 28 March 2015

New photos of Chris Brown's daughter + sets her photo as his phone background

Chris Brown's daughter is so cute and looks just like her dad. And according to reports, he's obsessed with her, so much so that he put a picture of her as his cell phone background.
"Chris sees Royalty every day - in one way or another! Royalty’s mom has already given him a big photo album, which has every photo that she’s ever taken of Royalty since she was born. There are about 100 plus pictures and Chris loves every one of them. He’s having several of them framed for his house and has already begun drawing a huge, larger than life portrait of Royalty too. His plans for the painting is to put it inside her room once he and Nia figure out how they’re going to live” a source tells HollywoodLife
See more photos of the cutie that her mom released on twitter after the cut...


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