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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Online shopping to suit your style and budget -

So you’ve been itching for a new black work bag, and you can’t seem to find the perfect style, or the perfect price, or the perfect style and price? Annoying? … we know the feeling !

Introducing, the simplest way to shop for what you want at the price you want it.

Here’s how it works
First, you contact us telling us the details of your item – and most importantly your budget. For example Tell us you need a black corporate handbag not more than NGN 8,000
then, we will do a custom search, and send you a wide selection of items based on your specific order
finally, You confirm your items,
Sit back, relax, and we do the rest, delivering your item to your door , and all within 8 days.
 We (also) deliver nationwide! How cool is that ?!

Even cooler,  you get free delivery if you are in Lagos
Shopping has never been this  much fun and pocket friendly at the same time…
The best of it all?
Before you make that purchase at your favorite online store send us the details of the item and we will give you an even better deal!

8 days is too long you say?
Shop our in store collection what you can get within 48hrs !

Also contact us for 
Shoe and purse sets for occasions ( from as low as 15,000 per set)
Bridesmaid dresses
Plus size Fashion
Accessories – wristwatches ,  bags , belts , sunglasses, wallets …
Gadgets - tablets , game consoles

Contact us 
Website –
Phone – 0701 333 5177
Instagram - @peerlessng @peerlessweddings


Anonymous said...

Linda why don't you want to publish news on how seven lawmakers in Ekiti has impeached the speaker in a house of about 26 members. We really need prayers in Nigeria. God will give our leaders the Grace to do the right thing always.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Nice product

#Commenting thru Glo 4G LTE

ujunwa said...

Nice bag

Unknown said...

Is okay, i will think about it.
⌣̊┈̥-̶̯͡»̶̥♡thanks ⌣̊┈̥-̶̯͡»̶̥ 

Lovelani™ said...

Will be working with peerless soon *wink* dami you called me remember?

Unknown said...

Too expensive joor... I can't afford anything there

eyiwunmi said...

up peerless. I have purchased items from them before and it was delivered earlier than 8 days and of course in good husband also bought some pairs of jeans and shoes through them and got them this weekend. I must say, we love their service and rates. well done guys!

evelyn said...

ah peerless. they did the bridesmaid dresses for my friends wedding and it rocked.

swapbest said...

DAT good xams stuff we re coming #wink

Unknown said...

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Av said...

They've got nice stuff. You need to see the shoes I got. Go peerlesschi!!! Thanks once again.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! everything I want in one place! :) even gadgets cool stuff!

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Unknown said...

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