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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Fear of Crabs evicts a contestant on Knorr Taste Quest

The countdown is on, as the Grand Finale for Knorr Taste Quest season 1 is just two weeks away.  Last week, it was a double eviction as Chidi and Tolulope were sent packing by the judges. This week saw all the contestants visibly shocked as the secret ingredients were revealed to them, especially Saratu Mamman, who was in tears and kept shaking her head when she saw live crabs in her bowl. 
The crabs were not the only ingredients that got the contestants worked up as there was also; Periwinkle, Palm kernel, Sweet Potatoes, Beef, Mango, Pasta and Leak. Eight ingredients to make a starter and a main course. 
The starter had to be a sea food cooked with Knorr Soup seasoning, while the main dish had to be cooked with Knorr Stew seasoning. Both courses had to have at least five ingredients each and the time given to achieve this daunting task was 1 hour 7 minutes.
During the show, Head Judge, Dr Roberts emphasized that this episodes task will be judged based on the taste and presentation of their food as well as strict adherence to the instructions given.  Also joining the judging panel as a guest judge was Ms Tokini Peterside, a lifestyle consultant and self professed food lover. 

After the allotted cooking time, the contestants were able to present some form of harmony between all the ingredients as follows:  Lalu; a leak and periwinkle sauce which was described as very nice, along with pasta and beef; Greg made crab meat pasta and periwinkle soup for his starter, while he made banga soup with a sweet potatoe mash for his main meal. This was a good risk for him, as the judges praised both meals. Patricia made a starter of mango and periwinkle, with the pasta and banga as her main course; Saratu on the other hand made a periwinkle, banga and pasta starter, and a main course of mash potatoes and fried crab meat, her meal however didn’t get any good review from the judges. Finally, Ifeyinwa made a starter of mango puree with crab cake, and pasta in palm kernel sauce. 

After the judges’ deliberation, Dr Roberts surprisingly announced that for the first time in the show, no winner would emerge as none of the food presented was good enough to win the task. Unfortunately however, there was still a loser, and Saratu was asked to pack her knives for eviction as the judges gave her meal the least compliments, and felt her reaction to seeing the live crabs was disappointing. 

Knorr Taste Quest is still showing on the following stations; STV on Saturdays at 8.30pm, Dstv Ch 155 on Saturdays at 8.00pm,  AIT on Sundays at 5.00pm, Galaxy on Sundays at 8.00pm, E-Stars (Startimes) on Sundays at 7.30pm and OnTV on Sundays at 6.30pm. You can also watch previous episodes by clicking on this link,www.youtube.com/knorrnigeria or www.facebook.com/knorrnigeria. 


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Shame she didn't go on to win the whole thing. Her fried rice is out if this world. As in insane.

Anonymous said...

I like saratu. So sad she had to leave

lloyd oliver said...

The Saratu of a lady calls herself a chef, but she is afraid of crabs? Now that's very disapointing...

Anonymous said...

Linda its Leek not Leak o!!!!

Anonymous said...

It was last week I knew she wld definitely leave.... Aint. Supprised.

Anonymous said...

Wot tv station is showing dis and d time plz

Anonymous said...

Crap. She still got back to the whow

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