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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Photos from rally against Pastor Tunde of Light of Hope Orphanage

In April 2013, the pastor and director of Light of Hope Orphanage, Akute, Ogun State, a man simply known as pastor Tunde was arrested by the police after two children in his orphanage accused him of rape. (Find the story here). The orphanage was closed down after his arrest, but he was later released.

Today Saturday February 22nd, some members of Human Rights Groups including Project Alert, Women Arise, Freedom for Abused Children heard Pastor Tunde was reopening the orphanage in Lambe, after relocating it from Akute and stormed the area to stop the orphanage from re-launching. They held a peaceful rally and called on the government to shut down the new orphanage.

But why would the government allow a man, accused by girls as young as 10 of raping them, to run an orphanage? Shouldn't they shut him down permanently? More photos from the rally after the cut


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