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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Rhythm Unplugged Comedy Concert 2011 featuring Apororo

A must watch!

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ideas for Winning! said...

Cool beans!

Ladi said...

Nice, I would be there

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Anonymous said...

His jokes aint funny jareee....but i love his dance steps.

ugo frank said...

wooow, so easy ? just like that ? pls all married women on this blog, is it that easy ? no pushing, so fast and she barely opened her legs.

God still dey sha
God bless the child.

Anonymous said...

joke......check, not so funny though! dance steps.......check, Nice *wink*!

itsekiri's finest said...

linda it seems cecil hammond is paying you good money for all this publicity...

Anonymous said...

he is not funny at all..like i lost 10 minutes watching this guy..he is not funny he needs to work on his stuff and come back

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