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Sunday, 22 January 2012

DJ Jimmy Jatt's snap backs now available

The Jimmy Jatt "DJ" snap-backs by Marco Martinez is now available for purchase. If you want one, then call the number or visit the website on the poster.



9ice one Jimmy

Fatimah said...

what website? I tried the one on the poster; no show. I tried a number of combinations, still no show. I then googled it, yet to find anything reasonable.

Seriously, this is his first foray into this, one would think he would be more serious or can't jimmy jatt afford an ecommerce website where pple can actually buy his stuff online. so because I want to buy cap, i'll first call number abi? mo n bo, eduro demi o pssschheeewww, abi mo ti ra tan ni. #pissedoff.

Later, their market no go sell, then they will be complaining about business not being lucrative in Nigeria.

chatnoir said...

Um.. Jimmy Jatt probably need some advice on a-colour scheme b-on logo size ( this one is too big and it will only look good on a t-shirt)
c- the material . This cap looks like the millions of cheap chinese caps you'll find at a Osogbo Market. Shapeless and they look as if they've been cut with a knife.

Anonymous said...


Truth said...

Hi Fatimah...Please go to to place your order. Just go to the Marco Martinez page and order. It'll be delivered to you. Please visit and re-direct your friends to to order the new Boyz are not smilin T-shirt or any other Marco Martinez product.

Anonymous said...

@Chatnoir.... if you have issues with life you shouldn't pour it out on other people who are progressing and making a difference. You see a world-class product on a picture even looking so nice and you call the material cheap? I bet you haven't even seen the caps in reality!
Well, just to inform you, I bought 2 for myself which was delivered to me after i called the mobile number and they are awesome! you can't even afford the quality cos it sells for 5k each. Stop hating and get a life.

Toheeb said...

Hello Fatimah,
I can assure you the website will back up and running soon before the end of the month. This is due to some restructuring by the contractors.
Pls call the numbers for now. I'm suprised you said you couldn't get through to any of the numbers because we have been getting so much calls on this item and have recorded astonishing sales already, from just a twitter announcement. We are releasing officially soon. Please bear with us.

diamondacious said...

Nice caps! Wld wan get one for my lil bro! Try somethn catchy wit colours dat shld be a blast!

Pricaso said...

someone should please leave me a number to call to get one... plssss.

Unknown said...

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