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Friday, 17 August 2012

Johnnie Walker Keep Walking Nigeria Event

The launch of the Johnnie Walker Keep Walking Nigeria campaign and the introduction of Samson Siasia as the first Nigerian Johnnie Walker Giant.


Anonymous said...

These men wey dey laugh like say the liquor don sweet them tire, make them dring the liquor for 1 full month and see if them no go have Erectile Dysfunction like Mopo people.

Anonymous said...

Seems nice. Cool and clean crowd, I like!!!

Anonymous said...

Come linda, its lik u r begining 2 lack gist o! Haba! Btw, wetin u do jim iyke na? D guy de vex 4 u badly o! And pls its ur job, dnt let all ds attacks get 2 u.u shud ve bn prepared 4 ds wen u choose ds line of biz and my p wit u is dat u wanna b frnds wt all dem celebrities so once de atack u start apologisin 4 doin notin.oh plsssss.take joan rivers 4 example, she doesn't gv a rat ass all she cares,shez jst doin her shop n dere r stil celebrities who love stp tryin 2 please every1, if u actualy didn't say anytin bad, dnt apologise.

Anonymous said...

9jadeltapikin... Linda na advert U̶̲̥̅̊ just do now S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ 4 jonnie walker Ooº°˚˚°ºoo correct Wƺ don ‎​ see Ɣøu

Anonymous said...

Hi, lib readers, I got this bc and decided to share.

I write this with a heavy heart and also to warn well meaning Lagosians that LASTMA is on a false accusation and extortion rampage from innocent people in order to meet a revenue generation target. Please read.

Why do I say so? I was conducting a training today and sent my colleague to take my car to Ikeja to collect my leadership radio programme on CD from the studio. On getting to Ikeja, while in traffic two LASTMA officials entered his front and stopped him. Next came four policemen and they forced the car opened and took him to their Ikeja office. While he was wondering what his offence was, he was slapped and handcuffed and they told him my car was the car they chased two weeks ago that escaped. He was asked to pay a fine of N200k for the offence.

As God wod have it, he knew a Judge in Lagos State who asked how they knew it was the car and the LASTMA official brought the number of my car he copied in front of my colleague this afternoon as the evidence. Being a Judge she asked in which part of Ikeja did the chase take place and they could not answer as no chase took place. She also asked where is the LASTMA record to show that this car is a wanted car and that it escaped their chase and they could not provide any evidence. When she insisted that she would take up the case they confessed that they just stopped him today and that they were given a target to generate revenue for LASTMA. So they stopped him to meet their target.

My colleague was released with my car that they have already impounded because he knew a judge. Maybe by now he would have been sent to jail for an offence he never committed just because some stupid, irresponsible, heartless and satanic touts is a semi-terrorist organisation called LASTMA wants to meet their revenue target just as they accused Yinka Johnson recently of a murder she did not commit.

Hmmm. Lagos is working indeed!

Anonymous said...

Wow I dont even know wat Nigeria is turning to.. This is crazy n d government is not doing anything. Just because u wanted money u just wanna slap innocent person. Those hungry, crazy ass police or wat ever they call them out there. Looking like rats.

Anonymous said...

i saw u dancing!:)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Linda na highness eye u use dey dance for dat video @ 0.17secs?
Wel, i undastand.

Anonymous said...

Na wa for lagos o.

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