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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Wole Aboderin has stalked me for six years and taken my name to different celestial pastors – Oyin Adenuga

 Oyin Adenuga and Wole Aboderin

Oyin Adenuga is one of the pretty daughters of Otunba Mike Adenuga. Last year there were rumours round town that she was engaged to be married to man about town, Wole Aboderin. Oyin who never speaks with the press, broke her rule and spoke with a City People reporter about the engagement saga.

There was a time news broke that you were engaged to one Wole Aboderin, it was later denied, what happened?
Oyin: “I was in Atlanta last year June when I got a call from a friend in Nigeria saying there was a newspaper article written about me that I was engaged to a Mr. Wole Aboderin. At first I thought it was a joke. My friend had to take a picture using her phone to show me the article. When I saw it, I was in a complete state of shock. Wole Aboderin is just an acquaintance. I’ve never gone on a date with him or ever gone out in the company of him. The photograph of us together was photoshopped.

How did you meet him and did he make any advances towards you?
Oyin: “I met him through a female mutual friend and the only time I saw him was in company of this friend. And yes, he made advances but I told him point blank that I wasn’t interested. He even went as far talking to people who know me to talk to me on his behalf and I told them exactly what I told him, that I wasn’t interested.”

After reading the article, did you do any investigation?
Oyin: “Yes I did. My family and I found out from reliable sources that it was actually Mr. Wole Aboderin that got journalist to put this false story in the newspapers.”

What do you think are his reasons for doing this?
Oyin: “I felt that he did it for 4 major reasons. The first is that he is someone that is obsessed and doesn’t have any control over his emotions.
The second is that he wanted to change his image and felt that by making this story up, it would change people’s perception of him.
The other is that he’s someone who enjoys the attention of constantly being in the media.
While the fourth reason is that he doesn’t want me to get married.
What are the things he has done in the past?
Wole Aboderin has stalked me for the past six years. He’s befriended people whom he felt were close to me to get close to me.
He’s memorised my car plate number. Whenever he sees my car at a function, he usually goes to the security guard to find out how long I’ve been at the function and who I came with.
He’s gate crashed family events in the past.
He’s taken my name to different celestial pastors and muslim clerics to pray for something to happen. He has even gone as far as given a celestial pastor a Honda civic

How do you know all this?
Oyin: “Friends of the family have actually brought this to the attention of my siblings and parents. But God has been faithful. Whatever spiritual measures he has taken hasn’t worked. In the past, I have sent both my male and female friends to tell him to back off but he wouldn’t.

Why is that you have now decided to tell your own side of the story?
Oyin:I wanted to have enough time to do a thorough investigation. I was advised by family and friends not to grant any interview because more than likely it will turn into a media frenzy.
Up till today he’s still making advances towards me. For example, I went to the polo club on the 8th of January and he still came to approach me. I had to call my male friends and the security guards to talk to him to stop harassing me.

Next step?
Oyin: "Being a quiet person, I just felt this brought unnecessary attention to me. I live a very quiet life in America. I am home for vacations of family functions. It’s rather sad that journalism in Nigeria is not what it used to be. To know that someone paid to have a false story written about me and for no one to do their research and ask my family members or friends to find out if the story is true was very appalling to me. Till today, my father has never met him. My family members and his family members have spoken to him countless time to leave me alone, but he has refused to listen to anyone. I hope with this interview, he gets the message and finally leaves me alone."

Source: City People Magazine


Abike said...

WOW! An Adenuga speaks...

ferrari said...

very funny! who is he? is he related to Stella Damasus' late husband?

shola pacheco said...


kuchi kuchi said...

he looks like a gold digger sef,all these wannabe's.she should be lucky he dnt suceed with his cele pastors hun *smh@ferrari think he is distant relative i think

Anonymous said...

hope she does not end up marrying him in the end.....lol just kidding

Surprise said...

I want to suggest that photoshopping should be banned beacuse of the havoc it is causing. My personal opinion o.

Anonymous said...

I think, me sef will start stalking rich man pickin oh.. but I can't give alfa car now.. don't have that kind of money oh.. but I will stalk you, until you love me..

Anonymous said...

hahaha, its pretty common knowledge Wole bats for the other team......

Shakara said...

Sorry, but isn’t this the same Wole Aboderin that everyone says he’s gay? I know at least 5 men he’s propositioned himself to. Isn’t he meant to be close to Paddy Adenuga and also to their dad Michael Adenuga?

Uche said...

Na your papa money e dey find! Lazy man!

Chilling said...

I heard he's gay! Maybe he's trying to hide that image of him.

Anonymous said...

I think that there is more to the story than she is telling

Anonymous said...

All this plenty noise!! Wole swings both ways,she actually dated him. All these plenty grammar na damage control! The story broke since last year,it took her almost a year to deny it abi? Who even advises this pple? She shld have just kept quiet since everyone has forgotten the story

Indulge said...

Wole Aboderin... who apparently has the same boyfri... I mean friendship that her own father has with IBB na wa

Unknown said...

All i can say is na wa oooo, na by force?

Akin said...

This must have really gotten to her. The Adenugas dont speak to the press and certainly not City People.

Anonymous said...

Yawn....Very fake one-sided story. I'm not buying....next!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I also think there is more to this story that she is telling. That was how a former beauty queen denied dating a guy sometime ago because she is a sly fox with media attention.

Anyway, it is better for Oyin Adenuga to move on so that the bad prediction of the prophets of doom, on her family does not befall her. Forget it, the guy is a gold-digger! Oloribu! Ole!

Anonymous said...

I am a close friend and all I can say is that she NEVER EVER, I repeat NEVER EVER dated Wole.

Anonymous said...

My opinion, she dated him and she's done. She said something about his emotion, you don't say that about a man if he's not well known to you.

Another Linda said...

What kind of genes do these Adenugas have??? All fine sha. Even the papa apart from his weight also has a cute face.

Anonymous said...

All i can say is femi,mi o fe e, is not supposed to turn into eke eebu. If they say you are dating someone and you know really well you arne't oh well, don't bother denying jare. Or is this a way for Oyinda to get men to notice her now that her younger sister don marry born pikin? Please oyinda shut up jare. you are the adenuga daughter no one gives a flying fig about so stop making yourself more important than you really are...we all know Bella is the favorite. That aside, i think this interview is fake sha...and wole aboderin..hahhaha i can see how gold digging runs in his vein. the aboderins no dey pack mulla like before so yeah marrying rich is one probable redemption opportunity. Shame on all theese now broke, once rich lagos socialites. sucks to be all of una

Anonymous said...

Oyin Adenuga is Sick... I will upload some of their pictures in a moment

chichiluv said...

this man no sabi sey water dey find hin level? see him, see this woman and I don't even know her or him but one can see that he is no way in her class. he looks like he's her driver! abeg, go and find another way to improve yourself o my friend and stop trying to use a woman to improve your social standing jo!

Temitayo said...

@anon 1:34pm, you must be an historian, you've got a very analytic mind.How did she know that he is obsessed and very emotional.check out her response to the question on how they met'“I met him through a female mutual friend and the only time I saw him was in company of this friend. And yes, he made advances but I told him point blank that I was not interested.The truth I guess is that she has had her fill.My advice to that Wole Aboderin is to be very careful with rich pple.A yoruba adage goes thus 'eni to ba ju eni lo le ju ni nu'.

Anonymous said...

linda check your spam for my comment o
I wont gree

Anonymous said...

shame on otunba for choosing a child over another
how can people keep saying bella is the favorite
SMH for foolish parents that chose favorites

kuchi kuchi said...

@anonymous 3:32,thank you o jare u spoke my mind

SitePaddy said...

From the picture, the bobo way no look too pure but her story of cele pastors and all to sef get as e be. but then again who no go buy pastor car so as to key into the adenuga money to be flying private jet. the car is a small investment :)


Anonymous said...

and then she "spoke" to City People of all "people".....SMH

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how there is an interview, where this woman is very coherent about her message. It's obvious that she's speaking out because she thinks this is the right time to speak and she knows what she's talking about.

But, no, some people will still insist they know better than the person involved in the situation.

Anyway, I really hope this STALKER can stop because it's scary to have some creepy dude obsessed with you, when you have nothing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

Well me I heard different thou, and the girl that told me is in their 'circle', as in Oyinda's circle. And she confirmed the defo dated and got engaged but Baba Adenuga didnt accept. So maybe this is the reason for this, but to say he only asked her out is very Low.
And to talk to city people is lowest of low. She seem desperate to clear her name, probably she realized he swings the 'other' way and now she wants to rid of him. Ha!! Na wa oh!!

ronke said...

cant she get a restraining order?

ChiChiluv said...

@ Ronke, I think the stalking is happening in Nigeria not in Atlanta. There is no such thing as filing a restraining order in Nigeria, even if there was one, who dey enforce am? The same police that whomever the order is against can pay to look the other way?

Anonymous said...

There's something wrong about this interview as Wole is gay, then is it the cele pastors who go back to the Adenugas. Me thinks Oyin dated him and now wants to deny it. Why now that the story of the engagement is stale???

Anonymous said...

na wa o. different people with different opinions

To miss anon 1:34pm true that she said something about his emotions but there are several people that are not well known to me but that i know how they display their emotions. yes, your intuition might be right but not on those grounds honey. it gets thrown out of court.

close friend at 1:16pm says oyin never dated wole. anon at 6:38pm says they got dated and got engaged. whose report do we believe?

and those judging otunba for choosing a child over another ---- u really are doing that based on what anon 2:02pm said? does that make sense to u. until u hear adenuga himself say i love bella most, then reserve ur judgment. even if u hear bella herself say it, still shut up cos it could be a one-sided delusion.

and as for all the nonsense that u anon at 2:02pm said - i dont even know how to begin. haba u are full of jealousy. u might not know it but it is salient in u, steaming just below the surface. "is this a way for Oyinda to get men to notice her now that her younger sister don marry born pikin? Please oyinda shut up jare. you are the adenuga daughter no one gives a flying fig about so stop making yourself more important than you really are...we all know Bella is the favorite." FEAR GOD!!!

Anonymous said...

my advise stay the hell out of the way of anyone who goes to celestial....they are into juju too much, both male and female, old or young..but i know ur papa go get BABA ISALE too, so you should be fine.

But the guy get liver, see his wowo agbero self want to date this fine babe...e get as e be

Anonymous said...


Irene said...

Na wa oh! All these so-called celebs always wanna be in the news. Let's all be just and ask ourselves these questions.
1. How did Oyin know Wole's personality?
2. How did she know Wole goes to cele for juju?
3. Is Wole's interest in Oyin not an extension of his gay relationship with Mike?
4. Why is Oyin scared of juju as if his father is not into juju himself?
And do many other scrutinies...

Pointless Celebrity said...

"He’s taken my name to different celestial pastors and muslim clerics to pray for something to happen. He has even gone as far as given a celestial pastor a Honda civic..."

Something, it seems did happen between them.....but, if nothing happened, she probably enjoyed having a stalker for the first time in her life, and led him on into thinking that if he tried harder, they both would end up going out / married, babies, etc...

She is based in States, but how did he know when she's in Nigeria, etc

I feel she is not 100% honest about whatever transpired between her and her ex, mr lover lover

Anonymous said...

the last of this has not been heard.

Anonymous said...

Oyinda is very pretty without skin bleaching... She is a natural beauty. Wow! She would make a good magazine cover model. She is prettier than Bella.

Maybe it was just ego tipping with platonic lies that went wrong for Wole. His 'juju' must have failed him. Girls beware o! Ologun ti'n bo!

Anonymous said...

it is a shame this is a subject that is resounding on the minds of young Nigerians especially when there are so many things happening in Nigeria at the moment. He said she said, who give a flying phok (This is not a typo) stop being monkey rats. All folling comments should go to www.whogivesafok.com/nayourmama

Mena UkodoisReady said...

If this interview is real then this is a scary situation!

And I dont know what is wrong with that society where woman will say no, no no and the man will still continue following her up and down. Then with this obsession with marriage, If she complains she will get threats of 'who will marry you' 'be submissive' as if one is meant to entertain the mentally ill in the name of marriage?

Stalking is a serious issue. I remember from back home, it doesnt matter how much you ignore them, men will follow you around or even drive along when you go for a walk. Some will trail you from a social event back to your house or even wait outside your house till you come out. It doesnt occur to them that their feelings are not reciprocated..and when drastic measures are taken to avoid them, their ego gets hurt and they can go as raping or seriously injuring even killing the 'object of their obsession'.

I applaud her for carrying out her investigation, involving her family and now speaking out, now its time for the Aboderin family to handle their son and give him much needed help!!

That said the Aboderin dude is equally free to give a right of reply as soon as possible so it wont be too one sided.

Sordid one, this news!

Anonymous said...

where arde these so called photos.

Anonymous said...

nobody know my papa o
but as a drop dead gorg babe
I had a stalker at 17 it was so bad the bobo ended up at a psych word
I swear I am not kidding
here in naija
it was like a nolly wood movie,now I can laff but then not so much
he was everywhere school,home (and school was in a diff state as home o)
in my hostel,during my classes it was insane
and theres absolutely nothing that could be done about it......restarining order in naija i laff in swahili
so I can totally relate

you know what I love about lndaikeji.blogspot?
you get to know more about the story through comments than even what linda puts up
I hail una o

as for the issue on ground
I think this wole is an alaseju he wants to eat his cake and have it
he dey do papa,he wan do pikin
where you don hear that kain thing b4

the dude looks scary tufiakwa!!!!!
lnda you better publish this one or I go vex scatter your blog

Anonymous said...

I've been in similar situation. Some guy was interested in me and we went on a date. So, after the date I told him I wasn't interested but we can still be friends. I just didn't write him off because I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

All of a sudden, I heard couple of people in the Nigerian circle telling me, so you are dating so, so guy. I tried to defend myself all the time that I never dated him. If going on a date and talking to someone if that's what some Nigerians call dating or engaged? then they are DELUSIONAL.

So, I completely stopped talking to him. I guess he got upset and started stalking me. I'm not even kidding, all the events I will go to, he will be there and try to act like we are a couple. I had a birthday party and I know for sure I did not invite him but I was shocked out of my mind when I saw him there, that's when I knew this is SERIOUS. He knew a distant cousin of mine and tried to find info about me from him. It was just a mess. Yes, you don't have to date someone to know his emotions or intentions, just by observing and talking to him few times, you will know.

Till today some stupid Nigerians are still carrying rumors that I dated him, I'm just bitter it didn't work out.
I don't know who this woman is but I can totally relate to her story and I don't know why some people are attacking her for sharing her story. Did their father publicly announce that he favors one child over the other? if he didn't, why are some people talking TRASH.

People, stop with the false rumors and gossiping, it's stupid.

Anonymous said...

Well, we can judge between the two of them. But why the insultive words on City people?, she can decide to grant any interview from any media house. If you have a personal hatred for city people, why not go to their office to express yourself instead of calling them names? How will you get to read about the interview if they didn't do the it? pls city people has no fault by interviewing her and she believes in them, that was why she granted the interview.you don't have to take it personal by pouring your anger on city people.

FineIboGirl said...

wow!!! maybe i have been living under a cage but where is the headline screaming Mike "no595 forbeslist" Adenuga is gay? yes i've read somewhere oyin was engaged but her father refused the suitor and is Bella is oyin's elder sis?
my word to oyn (if u r reading) how in the world did u stoop so low as to date this type of guy? something dey worry u for head? patapata marry white or black american if rich n handsome dudes don finish for nigeria haba! u wan spoil una fine gene? i bow to u! anyways holla me make i hook u up wit my bro make u marry am we be ibo sha...lmao!
linda u sef try dey get comprehensive story no dey do us long throat. and may Paddy adenuga stalk u in jeesus name, amen...holla me for chief bridemaid

Tee girl said...

Don't you think it was matured for her to hv kept quiet all this while?
I admire that. It wld hv been too low for her to hv addressed it then. Put yourself in her shoes just for a minute... You have no idea the amount of damage the whole episode could hv caused her.
For someone that has never been in the media as much as the Wole aboderin episode has brought to her.
She Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever dated this guy. Im sure Wole Aboderin too knows this himself.

Anonymous said...


Normally, I would never leave a comment like on this type of site, but the dog shit spewing out of your mouth is quite unGodly. Did Mike Adenuga Sleep with ya papa? Is that how you an "Omo ale" can accuse someone's papa as a homosexual? biko!

I can sense the haterade. How did you know that Oyin dated Wole? did you ask her? don't you think if she did date him, she would have just let sleeping dogs lie and have no need to give this interview. You are a low-life and a HATER - always believing the worst in people that are obviously more successful than you. Abed go back into your hut and chop chin-chin

Anonymous said...

there are only two persons who know the truth in this matter.

Anonymous said...

reading all the comment here, I can sense Adenuga's family and friend are commenting on this blog...LOL

Anonymous said...

I'd rather stalk a cow than that .....so, so, and so ...she's washed-out and way too old for any man or woman. Smh.

Anonymous said...

Me think what happened is that the guy successfully jazzed the girl with his cele pastors and muslim clerics and when the thing cleared from her face that's when she granted this interview to discredit the guy.

Anonymous said...

I pray that all who were negative to this lady that what she has gone thru happens to them I have been thru something similar and no one believed me till the same guy did it to someone else I sympatise with you Oyin Nigerians are generally lazy and envious people and am glad you spoke out for others that cant I pray for the best for you you will marry in Jesus name and things wld work out for you no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper and this Wole God will deliver you and set you free pls leave her alone and be a man dont reply to defend yourself bcos you know the truth in your heart and God sees you and knowa the truth if you reply to save your face you will indeed incur the wrath of God if this lady is saying the truth leave it to God to judge and to fellow Nigerians stop being mean.When you go thru certain things in life rich or poor you have to seek the reason why all this is happening and that is just what she did leave her family alone we all have our family issues no one is with out a probelm

Anonymous said...

It is easy for people to say keep quite I know for a fact that after the retraction was done by the daily that started this engagement mess Wole was still stalking her this January he was still on her case when a lady says no she means no and that is why she wrote the article and people always ask her if it is true or not so dont even go there.Wole is GAY and all he wants his to marry a rich mans daughter to clear is IMAGE and have a society wedding.Do you know that Wole is always gate crashing peoples events and he always acts like he knows the couple last year he gate crashed my friends wedding and she was wondering who he was he had all the asoebi he is just a social whore pls leave Oyin alone and her father loves her.She is a pleasant person loved your picture and red lipstick.Go girl and achieve greatness.Wole leave her alone and all Wole's gay friend stop bashing the girl get a life

Anonymous said...

Nigerians, when will the HATE stop? Something this simple explains why Nigeria can't move forward because no matter what you do, say, even when it's clear, relevant, and important, trust Nigerians to always find something to say.
If someone says, I was molested, raped, harrassed, sexually or physically abused, trust Nigerians to ABUSE the victim of the situation. Don't you guys get headache from it? I do, and it's VERY EXHAUSTING.

I mean, the story sounds like what anybody who's looking for attention will do. Nigerians are not new to taking names to celestial pastors or doing voodoo to marry certain people.

I don't know the Adenugas, don't understand where the disdain is coming from. But, I've seen pictures of Bella Adenuga, who I think is GORGEOUS and Oyin is also GORGEOUS. Oyin, I hope he gets the point too and stop stalking you because it's not funny at all.

Anonymous said...

how does an irritating-looking guy like that think he can bed this babe

omo go find your own levels
as in not just money wise
go and marry an akara or boli seller LWTMB

Anonymous said...

I know both Oyinda and Wole personally, she has never dated Wole. However they had a mutual friend and were therefore very often at the same functions due to this person. Im not sure if what she said has been taken out of context but i cannot believe she would say she has never gone out in his company. Maybe what she meant to say was they have never been out together alone ie without being in the company of others. Anyway the point is no matter how many pictures are posted of them together she never dated him and as all her friends and family know this i dont see the use in labouring the point. They are both very nice people its a pity it had to come to this.

Poor Oyin Adenuga said...

Wow! I can't believe this! Why would someone do that? Poor Oyin Adenuga--that would be really annoying!

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