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Friday, 25 March 2011

Jonathan Unfolds FG’s $25bn Gas Revolution Plan

"Yesterday I unveiled a detailed Gas Agenda which set out in detail our plans to revolutionise our Gas sector making it more profitable than the Oil sector by ending gas flaring and using gas to power our Generating plants, produce Fertiliser and provide affordable gas for domestic use to Nigerians. We must use what we have to get the jobs we want." GEJ on FB

Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC) and Oando Nigeria Plc are to jointly build a $3-billion Central Gas Processing Facility (CPF) in Nigeria, as President Goodluck Jonathan Thursday unfolded plans to attract $25 billion worth of investment into developing the country’s gas infrastructure and create about 600,000 new jobs. - ThisDay


kay said...

Dangling of carrots to Nigerians as usual!


naso said...

haba now kay....if d guy was dormant in office...una go yab he is doing something and making good plans and ur sayin he is dangling carrots...really?...pls appreciate and dont hate...thank you

Anonymous said...

he looks better without the hat

Anonymous said...

Do we look like a rabbits to him? Why the dangling of carrots. Ole oshi!

Chilling said...

GEJ in a suit? He should look like this more often. Money for him i guess via kick backs!! said...

i tink he lifted this plan from Donald Duke, but if he'll have the political will to implement it, i'm all 4 it. Donal Duke remains top on my list of peeps i wish will lead us one day.

Anonymous said...

He looks really good in this suit thingy! You go Patience!

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