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Friday, 25 March 2011

NTA rejects Buhari’s campaign advert

The Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) yesterday rejected the campaign jingle of the presidential candidate of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) General Muhammadu Buhari on grounds that it contained messages that were offensive to the government. The jingle is the first intended to be run by the CPC on the national network. One of Buhari’s campaign aides who does not want his name in print told Daily Trust that after booking the advert and making necessary payments, they were later told that the jingle would not be ran on NTA because it was critical of government. The NTA authorities therefore demanded that such areas be removed. - Daily Trust.


Anonymous said...

my problem with Buhari exactly is how much he criticizes the govt. is it impossible for him to do clean politics void of all these bad mouth? i support NTA jo

Dr. Chinedu said...

Ms Linda Ikeji.. I respect your blog a lot. But during this election period I can see that you are using your blog to promote Buhari Campaign. Well, I am not against it, because this blog belongs to you. But when you run blogs like this, you must be neutral because viewers that come here come with a different point of view which whom you must please. I am not a GEJ support nor buhari or whatsoever cuz i do not believe in democrazy, I am a communist advocate cuz if we have a working president, then he can stay as much as he wish as long as he promotes the people's wants and needs. If my comment is not publish, I will not be let down or surprise. Just a point for you to read!

Linda Ikeji said...

@Dr Chinedu, promote Buhari? are u kidding me? i report news darling, that's all I did here. Supporter of Buhari? smh! i want change dear, not ex-heads of state who have nothing to offer.

9ice said...

He is sooooo cute... Hehehe

And Linda even if you support Buhari or whoever you can put it on your blog, because it's your blog, no dmn reder is paying you for typing it up, after all everyone has their view.

Kay said...

Linda honey,

Linda, you are not supporting any party, you are only doing the job of informing Nigerians in diaspora!
Let all sceptics go and hug livetransformers!!!

Abeg, please post the rejected advert on your blog, I saw it on Nairaland, and I cried so much. For the first time I felt like a valuable Nigerian.
Please Linda, please post it, mhuaah!
(Apologies for that).

I want you all to understand that CPC is on the way to winning the forthcoming elections, and PDP WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO RRRIIIGGG

Let us pray for peace in our country during the elections.

Anonymous said...

Linda darling please try and go the extra mile and get us the rough cut before the editing. Be a darl!

Dont mind this Dr. Chinedu wey no know wetin dey happen.

Anonymous said...

@ kay better watch your tongue and don't let your mouth run....hisssss

Chilling said...

Kay, in a free and fair election perhaps CPC can win. In a rigged election and with the power of incumbency i think it is PDP’s to clean out especially at the Presidential level.

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