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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Man murders own son … Says, I was tired of his strange, incurable disease

The man pictured above, Fred Iboh Ighohwo, 27, is accused of murdering his own child by forcing his three-year-old sick son, Daniel, to drink a substantial amount of Gammalin 20, a potent pesticide.

The little boy who could not walk, talk or crawl since he was born died soon after gulping down the fatal drink.

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Mena UkodoisReady said...

I really wanted to be furious with him killing an innocent child, wharrahell? why or why? but he himself looks so sickly and the story so wretched, all i can do is shed tears...:(

Anonymous said...

ewwwww who would even wanna father a child with that thing anyway? may God punish him well well!

N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...

I believe a lot of this goes on secretly.
When I was younger, I recall overhearing adults discussing about a lady who took her handicapped son back to her village and left him in the forest to die.
Unfortunately, in a society like ours it is often survival of the fittest.
I weep for that child's life!But, I weep even more for the indigent among us!

Anonymous said...

Well, i just pity the poor inocent child dieing like this and i feel compassion for the man too, yes i pity the man cos you might want to blame him but only God know's what he went through seeking good health for his child, think he did it out of frustration cos he looks poor and wretched, most people might come and start cursing him here don't know what it is like to care for a sick child, my lil sis was sick from when she was born till she clocked 10, it was only by the grace of God that we didn't take the way this man took with his child, it was quite frustrating for us and we exhausted all our resources and nearly gave up hope on her but thank God she is okay now. Know the child is in God's bossom

Anonymous said...

i agree it is hard to take care of a child with either mental or physical disabilities because Nigeria cant even take care of its citizens that have a common cold or malaria. smh.

Anonymous said...

we are all living comfortable lives, buying brazillian weaves, black berry and attending high priced shows.We cannot judge this man.He couldnt even afford the N5000 his mother in law demanded..Can you imagine this man's plight? Until you all have gone out of your way to help the poor and needy in your society do not cast a stone.

hater said...

concur anonymous 1:19p.m & 1:44 p.m

anybody that had nursed a sick person for many years without improvement would be secretly praying or wishing for a relief! i know this from experience! it is very frustrating!

3years! he had reached his breaking point! the law should tamper judgment with mercy.he was desperate.

Anonymous said...

@mena ukodoisready why would you shed tears for him?is it because he is your kins man?or na your relation?

me said...

He had no right to kill that child. Especially the way he did. He is going to be haunted by it for life. What a wicked man! Pesticide?! Good thing his picture is posted here for everyone to see.

VJ said...

Na person wey wera shoes no where e dey pain. I dont blame him o.
Such children are called water children in my village, when you take them to the river bank, leave the there and hide somewhere. If they notice nobody is watching, they will enter the river and transform to snakes or something else.

It happened to my classmate in secondary school, so no be tales by moon light!

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when God is absent in once life. Its a pity

Anonymous said...

I really feel sorry for this man- he must have gone through a lot trying to look after his son but then again, what he did was a wicked thing.

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