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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Politics of "Our Time". Written by eLDee. A must read!

Integrity requires three steps: discerning what is right and what is wrong; acting on what you have discerned, even at personal cost; and saying openly that you are acting on your understanding of right from wrong." – Stephen L Carter

Months ago, before the 2011 voter registration exercise began in Nigeria some of us were very excited as we saw this as an opportunity to effect the much-needed change in our country. I geared up and began non-partisan campaigns aimed at youths in Nigeria to ensure that they register, vote, and protect their votes. I spent at least four to six hours everyday campaigning on social network platforms, TV/Radio, and print media. My team and I did everything we could from explaining the process, to following people on twitter who posted pictures of their registration cards, to giving away cellphone airtime and even went as far as helping local INEC officials with some of the technical difficulties they faced at the commencement of the registration exercise.

We are currently working on an incidence reporting initiative to help curb election malpractices. What's in it for me you might I tell everyone who has asked me, some of us just really believe in a better Nigeria. If I have the resources to make change, I wont hesitate to put it towards just that. I am Nigerian, I have a daughter who is Nigerian and I would love to see my daughter raised in this country. I am a true patriot and I have consistently promoted the idea that the Nigerian situation can and should improve with the right leadership.

During the voters’ registration campaign, I got together with a few friends and colleagues of mine to discuss ways to increase youth participation in the democratic process of our country using our music platform. During one of those discussions, we came up with the idea to have multiple concerts across the country, which would only be accessed by registered voters. It felt like a great idea because with this initiative, we could all join forces and get more attention from our intended demographic. Household names such as PSquare, D’banj, eLDee, Tuface, MI, Banky W, Naeto C, Sound Sultan, Timaya, Wizkid, Duncan Mighty and the likes, would easily fill up arenas in any city so why not have a free concert that people can only be a part of if they present their voters registration card.  To the best of my knowledge, we came up with a tag called “Our time” for the concert series. In order to avoid the initiative being politicized, we agreed to raise funds through non-partisan means alone.

We put little resources together and quickly shot TV commercials since there were only a few days left of the voter registration period. The commercials were immediately published on TV/Internet and it generated a good amount of attention. At the end of the voter registration period, there was overwhelming evidence of the success of the initiative and we all looked forward to entertaining our registered voter fans at the concert series.

Fast forward to March 17, 2011. I am watching television and I see a commercial that looked just like the one we shot for our campaign. It was indeed footage from our voter registration initiative commercial, however this version was manipulated to suit a different purpose. The new edit describes a free concert featuring D’banj, Tuface, MI, eLDee, PSquare, BankyW, Duncan Mighty, Wizkid and others, which supposedly holds in Abuja on March 25, 2011 and totally omits our voter registration campaign initiative. The advert now ends with a different tagline, “supported by Our Time Group, Youths rising up for GEJ.” I immediately had a cold feeling of shock, betrayal, deceit, and misrepresentation because this was the exact opposite of what we created the initiative for. Now I was being touted as a representative of the youth in support of the Goodluck Ebele Jonathan presidential campaign. What’s even more interesting is that Silverbird TV ran this new advert before and after the Dbanj interview with Goodluck Jonathan, as if it were part and parcel of that GEJ campaign initiative. I called all parties involved to express my disapproval and disgust at how anyone would take such an innocent initiative and manipulate it to misrepresent the interest and support of the youth. To my dismay, another slap in the face came in the form of a full-page newspaper advert in The Vanguard of March 22, 2011 with my picture, among others artists, advertising the same GEJ Presidential campaign concert.

It is sad and indeed worrying that people continue to take advantage of good intentions and initiatives for selfish and corrupt purposes. I use this medium to make public that I have never, and even more so now will never be a part of any campaign for President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, therefore please do not expect me to be at the supposed concert. Let me be clear, I have nothing against the supposed concert and its participants; I just prefer to be consulted about such a manipulation of interest beforehand. I have never received any money or gift of any kind from any member or supporter of the Goodluck Ebele Jonathan presidential campaign or any presidential campaign for that matter, neither have I volunteered my services in support of any such campaign. I’ll be glad to announce if and when I do but until then, I don’t appreciate my image and likeness being exploited for political purposes without my consent.

Here’s a link to the original “Our time” initiative:

Here’s the new advert as displayed in the vanguard newspapers:



SitePaddy said...

PDP and its "youth support group" own is getting too much o, remixing & stealing campaign ad is dropping the bar lower now!......dats if eldee is sha telling the truth sha!

ps: we really need to do something about our legal system and intellectual & real property rights with all the SANs we have

Anonymous said...

If this is really true then it speaks volumes of our beloved PDP. Such dishonesty is a slap in the face to all Nigerians. Anyway PDP has insulted our intelligence time and time again so I would not be surprised.

Adebola said...

I am disgusted by what people will do for selfish reasons. We the youths need to realize that once we tamper with our future now and get it wrong this time it will be hard to reverse. Eldee I am proud of you and I support you 100% for withdrawing and having nothing to do with this scam.
Shame on whoever goes for this concert, not saying people should not endorse who they want but manipulating is totally wrong.
We should choose our leaders without the influence of corrupt politician, and people who can easily be bought e.g Dbanj and co..
Nigeria Youths Vote wisely!!!
Our time is now!!

Abike said...

Hmmm... said...

I see. I reside in Abuja and some ago an associate of mine informed me dat GEJ'll rounding up his campaign in Abuja and that a major show featuring many 9ja big acts'll follow, but haven read dis great article, i tink i now understand better. At dis stage, i just have 2 sidon dey look and see how tins play themelves out.

Theresa said...

Hmmm...this is is really a back stab for poor eLDee. Sad that his fellow-musicians decided to manipulate the plan for probabbly monetary gains. I applaud his courage at refusing to attend the show and thereby keeping his conscience clean. I sincerely dislike political endorsements en masse by artistes, musicians etc.

Anonymous said...

i guess this is one of those celebrity stunts for publicity !!!!!

tayo said...

I have always doubt our artistes when they turn political... but after reading and watching the *our time* video... I have one thing to say... My unrestricted respect to Mr eLDee for coming out and letting us see the light... enough is enough... respect ur vote and vote wisely!!!

naso said...

hahhh...if this is true then Goodluck fuck up ooo...smh..

Anonymous said...

Can someone post the names of the artist that actually performed after the concert holds

Chilling said...

I laughed at this comment when i read it on FB. "ELDee definitely needs the money D'Banj is making!"

Anonymous said...

Eldee, I have so much respect for you. You feel our pain and you are true to yourself. Keep it up... "ONE DAY ONE DAY... E GO BETTER" peace..

Anonymous said...

na wa ooo. what else won't people do for money.. manipulation deceit is the order of the day. nobody seems to really care.. some of my friends are of the opinion that a revolution is what we need to put how country right. i agree but i am of the opinion of metal revolution.. a collective effort that has nothing to do with personal gains.. i used to believe that most entertainers are real philosophers with the good intention for our great country..(i would have voted a bankyw instead of goodluck)lol..i believed that we can start the metal revolution from them,but i guess am wrong after all;they can't even do a free show to change their country.. i bow for them.. eldee i know you got integrity but you gone a step further my brov.. alimi akorede

Anonymous said...

Chilling, you are just confused. You think everyone can be bought just like you. I'm sure Eldee could have squeezed money of GEJ if he wanted to. He is a man of integrity unlike D'banj and all his illiterate groupies.

Chilling said...

Anon March 24, 2011 5:44 PM: ou are obviously dyslexic. I'll explain to you dimwit. Someone wrote that comment on Facebook and i laughed. Should i have cried? Who's EL Dee by the way? I don't know him and i really don't care about D'Banj.
Take note for future reference: It's not mandatory to make comments especially when your comments are illiterately typed.

Crawl back into you filthy wardrobe and remain anonymous forever.

Just FYI, where i live, they don't buy people. I guess that's what obtains in the hell that you are living in.

Unknown said...

In this age where most people can sell their soul for quick cash,its nice to still have people who can resist the lure of quick cash.
I respect Eldee for making a stand

Anonymous said...

eldee cant fool us we know him..hes doing all this for his own person reason, a retirement plan i guess trying to be the president of pman

Anonymous said...

@ Chilling: Please tell me this place where u live where noone can be bought?


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