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Saturday, 26 March 2011

UrbanCode, a worklife magazine debuts

Is the 9 to 5 worker getting enough sex?
UrbanCode is a worklife magazine that questions the life of the workaholic. The quarterly glossy addresses the needs of the busy employee or entrepreneur working their butts off in a cubicle with very little time to watch the sun set. With a hip launch in 2010 at Sheraton, and a soft launch in March this year at Waterfalls lounge, the mood is set to address the emotional, psychological, financial, and sexual needs of the working class. Gracing the cover of the second edition are two inspiring entrepreneurs - Bose Olanihun, CEO of Buttons. The couturier is making a difference in the fashion industry one button at a time. Beside her is Chinelo Utaku, MD Lotem, building a plastic empire. UrbanCode aims to provide options for a balanced life.

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Anonymous said...

yes if they are bankers working for nigerian banks in lagos.

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