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Friday, 25 March 2011

Monalisa Chinda starts own blog

Check it out here


SiSi London said...

the blog get as e be. one million pictures of herself in different poses. i dont get it, is she fishing for compliments or does she actually have something to tell us?

Myne said...

More of a website than blog. It need better design too.

sexy said...

wats her idea of blogging? taking pics of herself and filling the whole space with it? i dnt get it! well, wateva it is, picture blog or waheva, its really boring and i wont patronize it. sorry.

Anonymous said...

next! abi, she no get work? are people no longer calling her for jobs?

Chilling said...

I thought i was looking at Ovation, kind of like a photo album. She needs to work on her words as well. I saw "funs" instead of "fans!" My first and last time there.

Anonymous said...

Work in progress or Mess in progress.....let wait and see

Na me said...

I beg to blog no be by force. Mona U hear me so.
Kalu Ikeagu blogs too at and his blog is ok. Ex Misscommon wealth Vanessa Ekeke also just started a blog n its nice too

Nice Anon said...

That's a fan website not a blog.

Anonymous said...

That is not a blog... It looks like a fan club in progress to me. She has a weekly newspaper column. Shouldn't that keep her busy?

I think she is looking for attention since her ex-hubby remarried. That is life. Once a woman is single again in Nigeria, men may runaway. No commitment but 'eat' your share and run.

Honestly, her ex really suited her. She was too bossy and they both allowed family members to ruin their marriage.

Imagine her sister slapping his face. In Yoruba land, the marriage don finish be dat!

hot N cold said...

"Hie my fans
This is your one and only Monalisa, I just want to let you know how much I appreciate you as my fans,
Without your support I would not be here with you,Join me on my blog ask me all the questions that you would like to hear from me
with so much love stay blessed your one and only

She calls it a blog and please what does she mean by "ask me all the questions you would like to HEAR FROM ME?"
Sorry Sweetie but this is CRAP!

Anonymous said...

hmmm more like people keep telling me am too fat..check out my pictures and tell me what u opinion get to a nearby gym and shed some weight !!yellow pawpaw is not all about beauty u need to be healthy too.
those are the freedom she was desperate for that made her leave her matrimonial home...she is still single and her ex hubby is wat does that say about her..lets see if she will be like this forever..hiss

Anonymous said...

but damn,the babe needs some SUN

doll (retired blogger) said...

its a fan website. not a blog

doll (retired blogger) said...

na wa for people. wetin concern her ex husband or her marriage with this matter? so what if her husband remarried? do you know what she was going through in her matrimonial home.

People can be so callous and insensitive. I bow!

Anonymous said...

Ha una wicked sha. Linda i'm sure some people on this blog are not humans sha ....kai! SMH

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