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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Stop Using My Name For Campaign - Wole Soyinka

In an e-mail to some media houses this morning, Prof. Wole Soyinka called the attention of the public and the police to some fake text messages purportedly written by him endorsing some politicians.

His e-mail: It has been brought to my notice that certain text messages of a political nature are being sent out over my name. I have actually seen one of them. I wish to alert the public that these messages are fraudulent and did not emanate from me. I have sent no text or email messages whatsoever to any individual or circulation list, and have no plans to do so. To the best of my knowledge, forgery in any circumstances remains a criminal act even in Nigeria. I therefore draw the attention of the police to this unsavoury development on the rapidly degenerating political scene and call for prompt action before it becomes rampant.


tidiku said...

....Slow news today aii Linda?!

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised at what Soyinka said. Iike a typical Yoruba man, they think with their belly. I learnt one or more of his children works at the Presidency, just like Awolowo children did during OBJ tenure. This people are just noise makers with no interest of the masses at heart. He can call them names on the pages of newspapers, but he is secretly working for their interest. They are never principled, only hypocrites. At his age, he cannot afford to speak the ruth, I wonder when he is going to start doing that. May be in his grave. mscheww.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous above: You must be a dullard. How is any of what you have said relevant to the matter at hand? And you heard that one or more of his children works in the Presidency. You learnt this from what source?

People like you dream up stories and mistake them for reality. This makes it impossible for you to distinguish truth from fiction - even the ones manufactured with your very dull brain.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous: You must be a dullard. How is what you have posted relevant to the matter at hand. You learnt that one or more of his children works at the Presidency. You learnt this from what source? And how come you are the exclusively privy to this information? And even if it is true, do you expect him to be responsible for the actions of his children who are now adults?

People like you dream up stories and mistake them for reality. This makes it impossible for you to distinguish truth from fiction especially as they emanate from your dull brain. said...

Funny. Peeps always want endorsement from a good name, a good name painstakingly built over many years but can never build one themselves. And as 4 the anonymous 7:26PM i kind of feel sorry 4 u.

Anonymous said... did you manage to get hold of a computer with internet access?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 7.26pm you should kneel down and hands up for what you posted thats all i can say MSCHEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

doll said...

@ anonymous 7.26 SMH

@ the topic, of course if political opponents are using his name for political jamboree. it is important he clears the air.
How can something that he dint say be attributed to him?

Anonymous said...

@7:26pm, Ode lelomi sha; infast --- ni e. I feel vey sori for u. who are you to insult my tribe? Infact, tell me where you come from before I know what to say. people like you make me cry for naija. You are so clueless, so pathetic!

victor idirhe said...

dis same Soyinka keeps campaigning for fashola, so why come out with a statement like dis, he is not serious.
look they all should stop treating us like fools we have all grown up.

Guru Baba Agba! said...

@ Anonymous 7:26 PM
"Iike a typical Yoruba man, they think with their belly"
You said you learnt one or more of his children work with presidency.
You are not all that sure, right?
You sound like a vegetable.....
Take a look at Bayelsa and other Niger Delta state, Have you ever seen an Hausa man or Yoruba Man as governor there, Na dem dem, how come they dont know the right things to do.
Less Educational development States!
If you dare mentioned Baba Awo Again, You might sleep and not wake

Anonymous said...

@March 23 7:26. I am a Yoruba man and that is where it end. Let Soyinka come out to deny that none of his children work for the Presidency (I dont know for the Gba ranmi di eleru's). Yoruba's need to produce the likes of Buhari, Shekarau, El Rufai,s Ribadu,s, Sanusi's. Since the inception of ICPC, Yoruba's have led that organisation, but everybody knows that, the org is a toothless bulldog. Prior to Soludo and Sanusi, there was a CBN governor also named Sanusi. What did he do while in office? Yoruba's just like to occupy space and do Owanbe party. I dont know if it is our upbringing, but we need to start functioning. We are always too scared to face the truth. Remember talk is cheap, but fact is sacred. By the grace of God, I am an Engineer,and work for an oil company in Canada. Like many Nigerians in the diaspora, I send my remmitance home constanly to support a failed state, while our corrupt polticians are busy siphoning money meant for Nigeria development, and stashed them in overseas account and real estate.
Unfortunately I cannot vote, but If anybody cares to know, my candidate is definitely Buhari. Please vote for Buhari for the Future oy your Children. Mine are here with me in Canada.

Deji Olatunde said...

@ Anonymous: "mine are here with me in Canada... blah, blah, blah" FYI, TMI. We don't need to know your history with oil companies.

If Soyinka's children work for the Presidency, (which I very much doubt) it is their decision. He has no influence over that. I doubt he still has any child less than 18.

Anonymous said...

@ Deji. You dont seems to understand the problem nor the garvity of what we are talking about. It is called Nepotism.

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