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Friday, 25 March 2011

Avoid driving at night in the month of April

"Throughout the month of April, if anything happens to any of you after 8pm, we will not be responsible for it" DG of a Govt-owned corporation warning his staff

I just got out of a meeting with some people and I'd like to put out a warning to those who live in Lagos. Not to cause any panic, just a friendly advice. If you go out a lot at night, please try to reduce it in the month of April. If you can help it, then stay indoors at night throughout this election period. I hear nights will not be as safe as it is now. I don't want to go into details but be more cautious when driving at night or try not to drive at night, especially very late in the night if you can help it.
May God keep us all safe.


Anonymous said...

Linda, Thanks for the info.
But boys like us wey dey run nightclubs no go happy o!

Surprise said...

It is not only in Lagos that people should avoid driving at night, it is the whole of Nigeria. But some of us whose work keep till late night, God will help us.

http://surprisebaba.blogspot.com/2011/03/25/beware sex can kill you.

Chilling said...

Worrying, because i'm home in April. I don't night crawl but this is a tad scary.

Anonymous said...

We are in trouble oo.I weep for Nigeria..Sad, sad, sad..

Lizzy said...

what about workers that closed by 5:00pm and dont get to their houses until 10pm because of traffic and they will not be allowed to close earlier than 5pm,what should they do?.

Amebo1 said...

Thanks! In the month of April, they need bodies for sacrifice so any fool found alone can be killed and bundled. They want to win elections...

Mena UkodoisReady said...

Linda thanks for sharing this, you have done well. Its our govt I blame. Huge embarrasment at 50+

I mean instead of the government to strategise on how to conduct a violence free election,

To provide properly tarred roads for its citizens so they can at least drive safely. (Pot holes from ill maintained roads and other bottle necks are the primary causes of traffic in our country)

To provide street lights and even cctv (even if only for that period) in very notorious areas in each state so people who are inevitably stuck in the roads can be feel more secure they are asking people to 'stay at home by 8pm in the month of April'.

Backward country


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