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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Pics of the car comedian CD John died in

More pics and fresh facts on the fatal accident at


Chilling said...

So sad. Gory pictures. He had a good chance of surviving but God knows best. Speed kills and we should take care when we are driving.

Anonymous said...

Kai....That was such a fatal accident that i'm surprised there were any survivors.

Rest in Peace brother and God be with you till we meet again.

Anonymous said...

Great website for testimonies of people that Died and returned with testimonies. Father God will be mega pleased if even 1 life is saved from Hell as a result of reading this... You will never be the same after reading this. May God have mercy on us.

Anonymous said...

Sooo terribly sad! i hope all the other occupants of the car will use the chance given to them to reflect...pity! soo sad.

Anonymous said...

This made me cringe cause I imagined him in it,after mourning him today.Funny because I wasn't as sensitive to the snake picture.I guess different people for different things.Linda love,just include 'GRAPHIC-' as a prelude to such introductions please :)

MissNikie said...

blood of Jesus, i'm surprised others survived....RIP John

Anonymous said...

Sad, RIP, we have to hold life dear, cars are dangerous weapons when applied without due care and attention, they are killing machines in the wrong hands, we have to be vigilant of those who ferry us in them, life is no holiday, its serious stuff, we need to protect what we've got.
May almighty God abide by those hurting as a result of this tragedy.

Ms Ikeji, I am sure i speak for a lot of Nigerians abroad - just a word to say thanks a million for the incredible work you do in keeping us abreast of situations back home. You are a true gem and we do indeed appreciate your efforts, May you continue to find grace and favour and your strength be multiplied many fold.


Anonymous said...

This is soooooo sad, hope Fashola if truely his campaign car caused this accident has a whole lot of damage control to do and realy needs to foot all bills and compensate the family, no amount of money can console the bereaved family but the money will go a long way in helping the family give the young lad a befitting burial and also help them come to terms with his untimely demise cos from what i heard, cd john's from a struggling family and things were starting to look up for the family cos of his new break into the comedy industry, so sad he had to die this way, this is a time of sober reflection. Please a note of warning to young guys and girls, drive carefuly and reduce night activities. May he RIP

Dante said...

It"s a pity this talented young man is dead and everybody is blaming fashola's campaign car.. does it mean that people cannot pack their cars by the road anymore?
Was the car at a bend?
If it was on a straight road, why didn't the lead car see it?
At what speed where they driving at?

I mean, these dudes may have have been at a very top speed. Maybe the golf 2, even faster to keep up with the ford.

I had one incident in Christmas of 2008. My car was packed normally on the curb and someone from nowhere ran into it. Was that my fault

I don't when people square place the blame on someone who they are not so sure was at fault.

In all, I give glory to God for his life and pray he grants him eternal rest, amen.

E-Liza BouDoir said...

Such a sad story..but it leaves me asking questions...

Can one really blame this gentleman for speeding at night. In genreal whem driving at night in Nigeria everyone is speeding with the aim of arriving home safely, trying to defuse any possibility of being attacked by arm robbers.

Secondly, you then arrive in the hospital and instead of being rushed into theatre. Hundreds of questions are been asked in relation to if you have the 2ook to pay. Who walks around with 200k? in their pocket.

My darling Nigeria my heart is grieved. We are only hearing of CD John's story, how much more the hundreds of people who have lost their lives on the roads of Nigeria.

May God work this situation all for his glory. May he shower the lives of the family with peace.

Anonymous said... took the whole words out of my mind,let's call a spade a spade...there's no one to blame here neither the young man or the car being parked on the road but the Nigerian Situation is really meant to be looked into;insecurities,bad roads n such...
I live abroad n u can see how much long trucks are being parked alongside the road but they dont cause a year the same road u pass everyday without any pot holes or irregularies are worked on more than twice...
Really,I weep for our country,yesterday marked 9 years I have been living here n the thought of going home sometimes gives me sleepless nights.
May God bless is beautiful soul n be with his family n friends and help us in our nation,peace!

Lizzy said...

Please do not bring Fashola to this,what about others is it Fashola that caused it. We can only pray for the grace of God upon us all amny of us have driven higher than what he drove,many of us were almost closed to death more than he was,but God kept us all,it is just by His grace. No name calling please

Peter said...

This is indeed a sad news..

Oh where will u spent your eternity?
Have u accepted Jesus as your Lords and personal saviour?

Oh God! Give me the grace to always love and obey your word through Jesus Christ our Lord

SitePaddy said...

and i really loved this guys comedy o......please go and see ibo church on youtube if you havent already. and den dis chidinma's death too. dis road accidents thing is getting too much o. and butterflies u making sense. I know ive had to go on high speed past 12 midnite so i could get home on time and avoid being robbed

Anonymous said...

Nobody is blaming fashola for the accident, i think what anonymous 9:17was trying to say is if his campaign car was realy the course of the accident, wether parked on a curb or at the middle of the road, the harm has already been done, he has to compensate the family and whatever he needs to do cos the election is around the corner, sure he doesn't want undue attention, and the issue of bad roads and security should be looked into too cos people drive on high speed at night from fear of being attacked by armed robbers. Thought when fashola gained power in lagos state 4 years ago, he was ridding lagos off posters some 2 years back? wonder why his guys are posting campaing posters in the middle of the night, what happened to daylight? In civilized societies, you don't even go posting bills allover the place, just my opinion though, may he rest in the bossom of the Lord, Amen

Anonymous said...


Chi- Chi said...

Well, we can only blame all these untimely avoidable deaths on the Govt. How good are the roads,Security etal? Each time I come home, i live in fear, I was robbed 2x on my way to MMA. A nation with so much, but little to show for it. Life expectancy in Nigeria is 46 years!!! Unbelievable.
Join hands together and vote out People Deceive People (PDP)

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