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Saturday, 26 March 2011

First Bicuits, Now Bags Of Rice? PDP will not kill

I don tire for PDP I'm telling you. What next? Tubers of yam? lol


Anonymous said...

What is this??

Anonymous said...

Let people eat and merry.....but remember to vote wisely..ACN is the party to vote.

Surprise said...

It shows how desperate they are to remain in power despite their lack of performance. catches dad raping 10-Yr old girl

Anonymous said...

no b small thing o! atleast make dem share d rice reach where we dey, & i dey wonder is it 4 sale, if so i no de buy, we alrdy av d brands we eat. as 4 d biscuit, does it now mean children too can vote, cos na children dey eat biscuit! its a question o!

Anonymous said...

Na dash dem dey dash the rice abi na sell? Eyaaaaah I figure out that PDP has a feling that the are loosing grip of things and they may be right. wether rice or not, vote for people who can move this country forward. We don suffer no be small.

Alicia says... said...

wow...i think stuff like this should be illegal. i guess not all Nigerians own or watch tv, so showing your face on bags of rice is a way to get known. ah ahn! they should seriously stop this, its so annoying. did you not see the tacky clothes his wife was wearing at the "widow convention" in abuja. lol

Anonymous said...

They are in their farewell making to leave the stage. I'm tired of them. BB all the way

Anonymous said...

Linda abegie stop bashing PDP. Why don't you come out and say what you are already thinking. like a commenter said on your previous post, you are letting your views influence what you post. Everyday is PDP pissed here, they ate here, they shit there. Is PDP the only party in nigeria that is in election.
looking at your blog, i will think so. I am still waiting to see you say something remotely negative about any other party as you have done to PDP for months!
What is the fuss about them campaigning with rice? is it the 1st time it has been done? And for your sake, i hope they paint tubers of yam sef! During election in nigeria, people campaign with different items as a way to reach the masses. They are not forcing people to buy these items, so there is nothing illegal about it.
All the negative publicity you have been giving the PDP has exposed me to doing my research on all the Parties involved. From the look of things, PDP will be getting my vote this election. After listening the presidential debates last night, i became even more assured Goodluck Jonathan is the way to go!

chizzy jeremiah said...

na wa ooooooooooooooo, i saw daty of biscuits nd nw bags of rice,PDP wont kill someone in this coutry with these tyhir campaign well as for me JONATHAN for presido nd FASHOLA for governor.

N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...

I am expecting PDP groundnut oil next

Anonymous said...

Nor be Linda's fault. This comdey is getting too tickling, and everybody dey laugh O!
Anyways sha, I think GEJ team understand the average Nigerian problem. They should cover more critical products and create the following quickly:
1. GEJ Condoms
2. GEJ Brothels
3. GEJ Diapers for babies and moms
4. GEJ Gala
5. GEJ Mobile / Aka KOKOGEJ Phones
6. And most importantly, GEJ Okadas and Danfos. Im sure with these, GEJ will crush BB and Nuhu ;)

brown said...

lol @anon 7.16
I second that jere

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