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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Meet Santiago Roberts; Nigeria's King & Queen Maker For Pageants

Santiago T. Roberts, a Nigerian Institute of Journalism degree holder is the CEO of QHUE Concepts; the company behind the Mr. Universe Nigeria Contest, and Miss Tourism Nigeria Pageant.
An effective communicator , Santiago has excelled in the areas of events planning and management, branding, content development and media. 

In this exclusive interview, he talks about his background, his passion for creating ideas, solving problems, adding value, the challenges of producing the most successful beauty pageants in Nigeria and his future plans. Enjoy!

Santiago T. Roberts is fast becoming a household name in this part of the world and with the name comes a number of ideas. So,who exactly is Santiago T. Roberts?

I will say Santiago is an an obsessively creative genius always looking for how to create the next spark. Somehow, I really can’t say when it started but I have got this huge ‘character flaw’ which is always trying to find that little detail that others tend to miss to add that little spark to creating an explosion; by explosion I mean something so small but creatively mountainous.

Tell us about Qhue Concepts:
While Am Only The Face Of This Very Important Brand, QHUE Concepts was established in 2011 in response to a growing demand for creative, informative and effective communications. The QHUE Concepts team establish itself as a highly specialized group of brand communication engineers, events managers, creative directors, marketers and entertainers offering a fully integrated public relations, marketing, consultancy, events and communication solution in line with our clients’ needs and requirements.
We believe that you only need to add a little heat to create something that’s explosive and that’s why we deliver for any brand, no matter what the product, budget or time frame. With us, it’s all about the idea, so whether it’s developing a brand personality or bringing a product to the people, we know how much to capture the imagination.

What inspired it’s establishment?
Our inspiration is drawn from a strong desire To help our clients achieve their objectives through the development and execution of customized, meticulously planned special events or ideas by creating products and services that are unique, value adding while appreciating diversity.

As a  model manager, what are the opportunities your company offers existing models  and the prospects for potential Qhue Models? 
The Nigerian modeling industry is fast growing; and despite its rapid growth, it leaves so much to be desired.  Lack of proper structures and protocols as we see in other countries and ill-treatment of models have become the order of the day. In fact most brands/advertisers think they are doing the model a favor by making him/her project their brand; so much that can’t be written but at QHUE, it’s our commitment to ensure that models earn their fair share and also, are not just respected but also celebrated. We are in constant consultations with various major brands towards ensuring this aim is achieved. Part of this also formed the initiation of our three major pioneering brands; The Mens Fashion Week Nigeria Project, Mr Universe Nigeria Contest and the Miss Tourism, Nigeria Pageant.

No Doubt, Even Though Only In Their 5th editions, your pageant brands have evolved with a number of concepts and  achieved so much relevance far and wide. What’s the idea behind the Miss Tourism Nigeria & Mr. Universe Nigeria brands?
The idea is to create a contemporary showcase that is geared towards discovering, managing, and promoting ‘super talents’ who will spread their wings in the fashion, entertainment and general show-biz industry.  The project is strategically designed not just to add value to the contestants but also in the long term, ensure they become a force to reckon with both here in Nigeria and the diaspora.

Tell us about the Miss Tourism Nigeria project
The Miss Tourism Nigeria pageant is the nations only true tourism oriented beauty pageant which has 36 of Nigeria’s tourism ambassadors representing the 6 geographical locations of the country competing; the contest is focused at providing a broader platform for promoting tourism on a local/state level and ultimately on the international scale, thereby drawing more tourism attention to the host city; establishing it as a Premier Tourist Destination and also at the same time, showcasing our sponsors and partners to a large scale media eyes.
It would be recalled that in 2012, Miss Tomi Salami represented Nigeria at the global edition of the Miss Tourism World event in Bangkok – Thailand amongst over 60 countries while Miss Jennifer Igwegbe did Nigeria proud when she represented the country in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea for the 2013 edition of the Miss Tourism World event which also featured about 68 nations. In 2014, Collete Nwadike who clinched that title went on to represent Nigeria amongst over 70 countries and became the 1st black girl to ever win the EXQUISITE FACE OF THE UNIVERSE Pageant. She has since become one of the most celebrated beauty queens across the continent. Striving hard to fill those shoes, our 2015 queen, Ifeoma Sharon Anya recenty became a U.N Ambassador and also became the first regning queen to become a High Chief.

What distinctive differences do we have between Mr. Universe Nigeria and other beauty pageants organised by your brand?
The Mr Universe Nigeria contest is the only male contest organized by QHUE Concepts. And between it and the only other pageant brand under the company, the Miss Tourism Nigeria pageant, I would say not much, because they are all geared towards the development and promotion of tourism in Nigeria, while at the same time, enabling all the contestants who pass through the pageant system an opportunity to discover that hidden potential in the, and use the event as a platform to reaching out to their community.

What duties are assigned to the winners of the Miss Tourism Nigeria 
and Mr Universe Nigeria pageants?
Winners of the pageants do not only walk away with a life time experience, a brand new car, a year wardrobe, endorsements and as faces of major brands but also take on the responsibility of becoming role models and change ambassadors by championing charitable causes which are aimed towards human capacity building.

How well did your experience at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism 
prepare you for your career?
As a product of the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, i will say I am able to bring the planning, organization and creative problem solving skills from an early education, experience and qualification to each event which I have been opportune to be a part of.. With credits to television programmes, the conceptual foundation built during those years is represented in many aspects of project messaging and creativity. Maybe or maybe not, but am certain that my years at that citadel really paved way for most of the things am doing today.

 You’ve worked with NTA, Linda Ikeji's Blackdove Communication, Greenspring Communications and many more, which among these would you consider the most challenging to you and why?
In all, I have spent nearly  10years With extensive corporate experience in home television programming, fashion display and advertising coordination, sales management and as Special Event and Promotions personnel, creative director as well as business development executive in all of those brands you mentioned… Each brand gave me an experience I could not have gained possibly in the next brand no matter how close, because each brand came with its unique challenges and possibilities. Am only grateful to all my superiors in each of these brands who saw in me what I couldn’t see and gave me the opportunity to learn and be the best which I am today.

Where among these did you have the utmost fun?
Once again, I will say each brand provided different level of fun and excitement based on the job description. While at NTA, I enjoyed having to be the Operations Director, switching and locking in the next programs for broadcast and also, as programs director as well as producer. 
At Blackdove, I worked mostly as creative director to Linda Ikeji. Produced the All FamousSTYLE NIGHT FASHION SHOW which became the annual event on the Nigerian Entertainment and fashion Calender. Then I also became the managing director of the popular F.M & B magazine. It was a tedious task but came with its own definition of fun. So for me, each brand I have had to work with, it’s always not the same because I do not go in thinking I know… But rather ‘What can I learn, and while at it, which way can I contribute’.

 What’s your proudest achievement so far?
That would be the many lives that I am able to affect each year when I tour over 18 states to select delegates for the Mr Universe Nigeria and Miss TourismNigeria pageant. It’s a thing of unexplainable joy seeing these young Nigerians who never would have thought in their wildest dreams within a month became instant sensation… Celebrities in their own rights and able to speak and have people listen to them. I am proud when I see contestants from our pageant system excelling in their various states and other chosen careers after being groomed and given professional training and guidance during their 10 days stay at the pageant house.

 What are your hobbies?
I love to read, travel ( oh I so love to fly)…I love to cook also, though this days, my ever busy schedule can barely accommodate that, I also love to hang out when I can with my close group of friends. I also loveeee to web surf… I think at the moment, am an irreparable Internet junkie. Lol!


How fun was growing up for you? Share this with our readers.
Growing up was as fun as it could have ever been. Though I guess at an early stage, my mind was set on being the best I could be, so I spent lots of time reading when my peers were out playing ball or having fun. I was doing all I knew to ensure I was way ahead of my time.. As a growing up kid,  I am not sure I did most of the fun things kids my age were doing. I also had a strict aunt who always ensured I remain the 1st each academic term, so it was quite tough but am glad it all happened the way it did.

What aspect of your job do you like most and why?
I love the creative part… Where I have to think… Create the concepts and follow it up step by step towards its execution. I love it when people come to an event which I produce and they leave smiling because they had value for their money and most importantly, they were able to wait through to the very end because there was something captivating at each stage of the event production, for me, that would be the best part of my job.

Who has impacted you the most in life and how?
I will say my aunt. She taught me how to be strong in the face of adversity. She taught me the importance of integrity and honesty. 
My Parent, Mr & Mrs Roberts. They taught me the importantce and the value of friendship and hardwork.
Also, my pastor, Chris Oyakhilome. He taught me how to balance my spiritual life with my day to day living and also giving people’s life a meaning.

Of all the events you’ve been part of, which one is the most memorable and why?
I will say Mr Universe Nigeria 2012 & Miss Tourism Nigeria 2014. My first independent show – single-handily produced from my pocket. Despite the many odds and challenges and betrayal even from those most closest, I was able to pull through and host a show which was rated the biggest pageant contest in Nigeria, inspite of the fact that there were similar brands some existing about 3years or more before I came on board.

What other projects should we expect from Qhue Concepts?
Well for now, all we would be focused on is consolidating our existing brands to make it not just a house hold name in Nigeria but also, a truly international one that would make our foreign partners around the globe to want to come see.

Where do you see Qhue Concepts in the next five years?
Well, why don’t you ask me this same question in the next five years, by then, I am sure you would have even gotten the answer before me, because the difference would be mountainously obvious.

And where do you see Santiago Roberts in the next five years?
Well, I guess there is no way the QHUE concepts brand can be able to have branches in Accra, Johannesburg, London, New York without the ‘Santiago’ brand not growing at the same pace, if not even much faster…lol.....


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