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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Gain lots of real Nigerian Twitter & Instagram followers weekly on Fanbaseafrica.com. See how it works!

Fanbaseafrica.com is an all African social media community that helps connect Africans and Nigerians. Our mission is to connect millions of Africans who share the same interests across social networks.

How to gain followers: Visit www.fanbaseafrica.com just sign in with your  Twitter and Instagram, you will then select the interests of the kind of people you want to follow and be followed by.
You account will be automatically added to the community,

You can click on the promotion offer of 300 Followers in 48hours for N2,000 to gain more followers faster than regular users.

You will gain at least 40 followers weekly, if you a free user to gain more faster you need to be a premium user.

We use a recommendation algorithm that is approved by social media channels (Twitter , Instagram, Facebook etc.) We can't access users login details.

This algorithm lets our users gain followers who may be interested in them and also lets them follow others who they may be interested in when they are online & offline.

It is certain that a few followers will unfollow "because they are Real People"

 What we promise is that all accounts get lots more followers weekly & We maintain followers numbers for our premium users.

Our plans for people who want to promote their  social accounts are;

-Get promoted & gain 300 Nigerian Twitter Or Instagram followers in 2 days for N2K on www.fanbaseafrica.com

- Get promoted & gain 500 Nigerian Twitter Or Instagram followers in 2 days for N3,500 on www.fanbaseafrica.com

- Get promoted & gain 750 Nigerian Instagram followers in 4 days for N6,500K on www.fanbaseafrica.com

* 10 African Countries
* Stress free
* Little Time Required

Why Fanbaseafrica.com?
Over The Years Bots, fake followers and irrelevant foreign followers/fans have been used to boost social account fanbase, as a result the African social network sphere has experienced a disconnect , limitation in reach and effective engagement among Africans, the true connection is yet to achieved.

After long brain storming we decided to launch fanbaseafrica.com to help solve the problem by creating a community of  100% real African followers, fans, subscribers.

 we are optimistic that fake followers, bots and irrelevant followers will become a thing of the past in the one to two years.

No Fake Followers!  No Oyinbo Followers!  100% Africans!

Spread the Word ...

Fanbaseafrica.com...  Connecting Africans.... "


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