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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Union wants abandoned airplane removed

The Air Transport Senior Staff Services Association of Nigeria (ATSSSAN) on Friday called for the removal of abandoned aircraft parked at aprons across the country's airports.ATSSSAN's President, Mr Benjamin Okewu, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that the call was necessitated by 2 recent ground collision incidents by aircrafts at the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos.
NAN reports that a Boeing 777-200LR belonging to Emirates Airline and a B737-400 owned by HAK Air collided on July 6 at the airport.
A similar incident involving two aircraft belonging to First Nation Airways aircraft occurred at the same airport on July 17 when an A319 taxiing into the terminal hit another parked A319 aircraft at the apron.
Okewu told NAN that the apron at the Lagos airport was congested, especially at the General Aviation Terminal (GAT), due to several unserviceable aircraft of some airlines that were abandoned there.
He said that some people received `political` Air Operating Certificates (AOCs) and their aircraft had not flown for one day, but were abandoned at the apron.

"If we don't quickly act to create space, more space around the apron and taxiing areas, there is no how we won't experience some of these incidents," he said.

Okewu called on the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) to carry out proper planning and address the problem more decisively.

Mr Yakubu Dati, General Manager, Corporate Communications, FAAN, however, told NAN that the authority had already issued a public notice to the owners of the aircraft to evacuate them.

Dati said:
"We have already informed the owners to get rid of them or we shall get rid of them on their behalf.
"We have written to them and given them substantial notice so that they will not say they were not formally informed.
"As a law abiding organisation, we are also trying to explore all legal means to resolve the issue."
He said FAAN would not hesitate to take action if the owners refused to comply with the directive, noting that the safety of the nation's airports was a priority to the authority.



Trendyify said...


it is well


Yep there's need to remove all those abandoned aircrafts from the airport to create more space.
This would help put a stop to the colliding of planes like the one we witnessed weeks ago.


Unknown said...


AC£S said...

NaijaDeltaBabe said...


Ponley said...

Scrab aircrafts. Call mallam to butcher them jooor

Carina Kikelomo Jacob said...



Unknown said...

Indeed talk is cheap but action is lacking if not dis wil not b d case. Wht a shame!

Happy New Month!

Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee. Isaiah 60:1

Henceforth doors r opening, u r moving into a season of open doors. Every door u stand b4 shall b opened b4 u IJN!

God bless Linda Ikeji, all LIB reader's and ur household's! Sweet kisses and luv y'all.

Welcome 2d month of August!
Long Live LIB!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Person fit use that thing do house and dey comfortably dey leave inside them.....

Unknown said...

Okiie, its a good move in the right direction. Linda take note!

Unknown said...

Okiie, its a good move in the right direction. Linda take note!

Unknown said...

Okiie, its a good move in the right direction. Linda take note!

Unknown said...

Okiie, its a good move in the right direction. Linda take note!

Unknown said...


ary said...

It is a good move, it an airport not a junk yard.

Anonymous said...

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Innovativebee said...

These planes should be relocated and kept properly for movie production in Nigeria

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