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Saturday, 2 May 2015

I live in Ikoyi – Tenant Ola, I live in Lekki – Landlord Mike

This is the story of two close friends; both of them want the best life could offer. Ola believes so much in today and whatever the future brings he will manage, Mike believes in the future and whatever today brings he will manage. (A wise man is someone who will not do what others will do now to do what they can’t do tomorrow)

Ola and Mike got a well paid job and so they have to live up to it as big boys in town, 5years ago an offer was given to them to buy a piece of land in Lekki for 5m. 

They went to inspect the place together while ola did not really love the idea, because he so love ikoyi and want to live there no matter the cost I mean no matter the rental cost (because he can not afford ikoyi mansions). Mike saw his future and keyed in immediately.
5years down the line........... 

Ola has paid 5m(year 1) + 5m(year2) + 5m(year3) + 5.5m(year4) + 5.5m(year5) that’s 26m in total for his rental apartment.  You will notice the increment in the rent at year4 you can trust a Nigerian landlord in that, they have masters and PhD in Rental Increment.
Mike has paid 5m(the land(year 1)) + 12m(the building(year 2)) + 0(year3) + 0 (year4) + 0(year5) Total of 17m 
Today ola is pleading with mike to help him get a land around and you can imagine the cost, its just 22m for tenant ola after spending 25m for rent for 5years.
Here come our offer for our Four Projects

Own A Plot in Lekki-Ajah Axis with 500k or 1m Deposit
Lekki Southern Villa phase 1 is just 12 minutes drive from VGC. The Estate is at strategic proximity with major Developments and Estates like Emperor Estate, The New Shoprite, Fountain Spring-Ville, Diamond Estate, Pearl Garden, and the Monastery.

Lekki Southern Villa phase 2 is at shapati town, just behind the Beechwood estate and also few minutes away from Mayfair gardens and Lakowe lakes. it is actually 18-20 minutes drive from VGC.
PEN Gardens phase 1 is at the most talk about Lekki free trade zone which is the new investment, business & tourism haven of Lagos State, particularly in line with the Mega-City status of Lagos.

PEN Gardens phase 2 is located near the new Lekki Airport in Ibeju-Lekki
For Details and Flexible Payment Plans

Call us today for enquires and to book for a site visit.

08032692429,  08032692422,  08022115550, 08122493114, 08122493117,  

Please, feel free to check on us at our office
Rd 5.Suite J149,
Ikota Complex, VGC - Lekki


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