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Friday, 17 January 2014

Update on the destitute that gave birth on the street yesterday

A lot of you wanted an update on the destitute who gave birth to a baby boy on the streets of Ketu yesterday (If you missed it, find it here). Well, here it is. The woman was later taken to a clinic on the same street she delivered yesterday. Name and address of clinic is Oba's Prolific Clinic and Maternity Home, 27, Adisa Akintoye street, Ketu, Lagos. (in case anyone wants to go visit her)

Esther is in the clinic at the moment and she and her baby are being well taken care of according to my source. A register has been opened for her and the new born where all donations are recorded.

The Oba of Ketu and delegates from his palace eventually visited her yesterday at the clinic. The Oba notified a social welfare agency and also blessed her. A lot of people have been trooping in and out since yesterday to visit the woman with gifts.

The woman was actually mentally unstable. From what the people in the neighbourhood said, some touts in the area took advantage of her condition and raped her. But thankfully she's speaking very normal now, very calm and can now remember where she's from. She said she's from Ondo State.

A rep of the clinic said about three different agencies from the Lagos State government, one of which is Office of Youth and Sports Developments, Alausa, had visited her in the hospital. Some agencies are working to take Sister Esther and her baby back home to her family in Ondo state.


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