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Friday, 3 March 2017

Students are not animals, even animals should not feed like this- Niger state governor sacks all food masters in all state boarding schools

Niger state governor, Abu Sani Bello, has ordered the immediate sack of all food masters in all government owned boarding schools in the state. Bello reportedly gave the order when he paid an unscheduled visit to Government Girls Secondary School Tungan Magajiya yesterday.
"Students are not animals, even animals should not feed like this,I will not tolerate such inhumane treatment to students especially"he said


OSINANL said...


Unknown said...

Some girlsbe like;
He left a hole in my heart
Me be like;
Aunty pls stopdeceiving ur self
We know the hole you're talking about

Anonymous said...

I wonder what came over him, It is not the norm in Nigeria for our leaders to "love your neighbour... . " both in public and private sectors.

SPGlotte said...

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harun said...


tsalz said...


Owa said...

This is stupid.
Is it the food masters that are in control of the budegt?

What kind of senseless governors do we have? They are the ones that refuse to allocate enough money and they know that between their TESCOM and Principals, bursary etc, the money that gets to the food master is negligible

Unknown said...

My governor is really working i swear... The longest goverment school in Kontagora is under re-construction and he has built fence rounding the school... Dude is serious about education and that is gud news....

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Unknown said...

I think the so-called Niger state governor is fighting against the wrong personnel,

Anonymous said...

So all the innocent food masters in Niger state should be punished together with the poor ones? What about their families? This is what causes sycophancy in Nigeria - abuse of power. Why not sack all soldiers of a certain rank because one is found guilty of abuse? Of even all his ministers because one is negligent- what kind of stupidity is this and how does it make the situation better?

MDCT said...

His statement is quite reasonab but tackling d wrong personnels. When are we going 2 stop deceiving ourselves in this country?

Anonymous said...

The morning after an unprecedented rage at finding out what the rest of Nigerian kids are eating in their less than London schools - who will supervise the kitchens this morning to ensure the kids can eat? This is hog wash. He was trying to reduce payroll. Why not say that? The sins of one food master cannot be paid for by all food masters. Unlike all you wicked governors, they did not have a meeting and develop a strategy about how to starve the students of secondary schools of nutritious food. You governors have such a strategy for emptying state coffers. Who has sacked you? Glad you are just finding out sick shit other people's children are eating. these are the boko haram members of tomorrow if you and the other governors dont get your act together mallam.

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