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Friday, 3 March 2017

Spice up your sex life with natural aphrodisiac for men and women with Kayan Mata/ Kayan Zama by intimate secrets

This is a sponsored post...
Enjoy sex more, boost your libido with natural aphrodisiac for men and women(kayan mata/kayan maza by Our intimate Secrets ). Over the past years we’ve, been helping people – individuals and couples – feel more confident, strong and inspired around all aspects of their sex lives.
Our Intimate Secrets is here to help you to turn around your sex life.


Our specially formulated natural products are a fast-acting arousal herbal enhancers that will help you unwind and get in the mood. Our wide range of herbal blends can support you and your partner’s emotional and physical well-being by heightening your innate sexual appetite for each other. Lovingly tend to the affection between you and your partner, and allow the passion between you to grow.

Kaya literally means load, mata means woman in Hausa........ So basically, kayan mata are Sex enhancers, Sweetners, aphrodisiacs(libido boosters)  that help to spice up your sex life, and they will keep hubby running home from work to come and have a taste
* Kayan Mata :- Gives you and your spouse optimum and delicious sexual pleasure. With kayan Mata your stamina is sure and it  stimulates and increases your libido for women that dont have the urge for sex). It also increase love and affection from your spouse.

See Kayan Mata  set here

* Tightening magic stick( helps to tighten the vjay most especially for women that have given birth and feel loose,t hereby making Sex pleasurable for both the woman and man)

* Honeypot tightening set

* Intoxic (make your man sexually addicted to you and make sex extremely pleasurable for him)
*Candy Sweetner- it makes your man enjoy  sex and  dance to your  tune.
*Pleasure  Rocks- makes sex pleasurable for him and keeps him coming back for more
*Bridal Package -  for ladies who are engaged,  and about to get married,  we spend a whole day Pampering you and preparing you in order to make you irresistible to hubby
*Super Bonding Combo
This is for you, if you are looking to bond more with your spouse and also make him listen to you ......this combo will bring you super close to him and make you topmost in his mind , we include ur special secret sauce in this combo
* Breast firming and enlargement.

* Bum enlargement set
‎* Hip enlargement set.

For  M.E.N
* Kayan Maza: stop being a one minute man, Kayan Maza can make you a 1 hour man, Kayan Maza would increase the intensity of your pleasure and help you last longer in bed (you would stop complaining of tiredness and backache when you use it, trust me.)
* Fast action pill(short time pills, 100percent herbal and natural): It would put you in the mood and give you rock hard erection in less than 15 minutes.

* Penis Enlargement: 100 percent natural Penis enlargement set

Note please all our products are natural with no side effect. So in 2017 don't let your bedroom remain like 2016
No excuses it's 2017! 
 spice up your sex life!!

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 Sexual Aphrodisiacs For Men and Women.

See some testimonials  from some of our clients below

Website : www.ourintimatesecrets.com
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@Olatoun Ayoola
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