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Friday, 3 March 2017 extends 100% profit promo till 10th March...Don't miss out!

This is a sponsored post...
Its no doubt, GetNaira is a platform with a difference, carefully & strategically regulating bonuses or rewards on the platform. The platform keeps growing and keeps getting stronger and stronger. is a platform which promises 60% profit of Provided Help in 20days. Plus other attached bonuses on referrals and quick actions when merged.
However, GetNaira community rolls out a special offer which promises a 100% profit on Provided Help in 10 - 15days with respect to PH plan. These promo offer is valid on all Provide Help (PH) request submitted, on or before 10th of March, 2017. Isn't that great? What are you waiting for? Provide Help now and get 100% profit.
GetNaira is certainly a big competition/challenge to other peer to peer platforms in Nigeria, especially MMM which is currently struggling to come back to operation.

Here are other benefits & features of the fast growing community ( :
👉 100% profit on PHs
👉N10,000 - N50,000 (GH in 15 days)
👉N51,000 - N200,000 (GH in 12days)
👉N201,000 - N2m (GH in 10days)
👉 20% Referral Bonus
👉 5% Bonus when you pay/confirm within 6hours of matching
👉 Merging in 0 - 48hrs when you PH/GH.
👉 Premium SSL Certificate
👉 24hrs Live Chat Support
👉 Responsive Design
👉 Strong Anti-fake POP team
However, always remember every internet activity has its level of risk and you are advised to participate with caution. Do not give your login details to anyone and always login to confirm claims of merging. Also, warns against greediness in the community.
GetNaira also gives opportunity of becoming a manager if they are active and committed participants with at least 25 referrals with active PH. All you have to do is mail is you meet the requirements.


NaijaDeltaBabe said...


...merited happiness

Unknown said...

Oky seen....

Scam or Nah??? All these ponzi schemes can be very heartless ooh

Na me talk am!

Long Live Lib!!!!

Anonymous said...

stop advertizing ponzi scheme linda....

Unknown said...

I provided Help since February 20th and ve not got paid.. my username is Princefawi

DTN said...


Daily diet tv said...

This one seems a bit secure. Nice plan/structure!

Anonymous said...

Nothing on the internet about this people aunty linda where u get dis infor from, 201k to give you 2m nawa

Gloria Ugwu said...

People like you are crazy people who spoil good things. If you PH on the 20th and you cant GH, thats because you are not ripe for GH. If your PH is above 201k, you will just be ripe for GH on 2th march. If your PH is around 51k to 200k, you will be ripe for GH on 4th march. If your PH is below 51k, you will be ripe for GH on 7th march.

Am sure you are one of those 5k or 10k PHers who will never read mode of operation of a platform before you start condemning. Na all those 100% in 24hrs scam u think say Getnaira be? U better allow we wey understand the platform enjoy it and you can go to sleep.

Unknown said...

Nigerians never get sense people are still doing these things even with the MMM experience.

Unknown said... don crash.... Linda pls stop promoting this scammers

anonymous said...

Hmmm...some people can not read and understand, yet they will still prefer to show their ignorant outside. Cos I can't see where they said 201k will give u 2m...Lol

Afolayan said...

A lot of people just dont read about things before they talk. i am a participant and am enjoying this. the platform and the post said 100%. is 2million the 100% of 201k? the range is only telling you that if you provide help with the amount between 201k and 2m, you will get 100% in 10days.and for those doubting, ask us who have taken the risk and making it. if the admin can introduce bonus for testimony, people will be posting testimonies. my suggestion though

Anonymous said... is back oo

Anonymous said... is back oo

Enugu first daughter said...

wetin concern linda na? she force you join? every person is responsible for his or her action. if e bring money for you, you go give linda commission? if e disappear too, na our palava. linda ikeji rocks. cant wait to GH on getnaira on sunday. if e come, i go too yab noise makers wey dey this blog. #JACKPOT

Obiwon said...

Best Ponzo for now are...

Anonymous said...

You should allow him state his complain now. The way you are attacking makes you look like one of them scammers.

Unknown said...

Pls can u explain to me Hw it works I don't seem to get it clear pls.

Anonymous said...

Emmanuel who told you that 2sure don crash. All the time u guys will be giving fake rumor. Is paying and am doing. Am on my 4th cycle

Unknown said...

Hmm na now ooo which 1 be this nw

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