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Friday, 3 March 2017

5 reasons why you should shop from top U.S and China stores to Nigeria

Most Nigerians think it is expensive to shop from international retailers like AliExpress, Amazon, Ebay and co due to shipping/customs issues or they think they need to pay in dollars which is almost impossible. Nigerians also like authentic products, which is easily gotten from these international retailers at great prices. Below are the top reasons why you should now shop from abroad to Nigeria;
1.You Can Pay In Naira
Due to foreign exchange restrictions and international payment issues it has been difficult for Nigerians to pay for services online but GoodsExpress.com makes it possible to shop from over 4000 international retailers like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, AliExpresse.t.c and pay in Naira. Firstly, you need to SIGN UP on GoodsExpress.com  to enjoy FREE shipping, search for products on the site, view the prices in your local currency and then pay via bank transfer/deposit or debit/credit card.
2. You Now Get FREE Shipping And FREE Returns 
Shipping used from the U.S and China to Nigeria is a big headache for individual shoppers and small business owners but GoodsExpress.com is giving out free shipping for people who SIGN UP before March 14th to get GoodsExpress.com to get 90 days of free shipping from their favorite U.S and China stores. Also, the return policy is simple as Goods Express offers free returns for wrong items or items that do not meet your specification when you placed your order.  
3. No Need To Pay Customs
There is no need to worry about customs and taxes as Goods Express handles all that for free.
4. You Are Sure Of Product Authenticity
All products seen are from trusted international retailers so there is no need to worry about product authenticity.
5. Products Are Cheaper And Can Be Re-Sold In Nigeria At A Profit
Items from international retailers like AliExpress and Amazon are usually cheap and authentic but due to customs, taxes and shipping fees, it gets expensive. Imagine you could buy all your favorite products at cost price without having to pay for Customs, taxes and shipping, well GoodsExpress.com will allow you do just that. Individuals and small businesses can enjoy this offer and get to save lots of money when shopping on GoodsExpress.com
Visit GoodsExpress.com  to SIGN UP NOW and Claim FREE Shipping.

Offer Ends March 14th 2017


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I am a Nigerian and will always prefer to buy Nigerian goods, what are my going to do with their products if I can get the same in Nigeria. My goodness

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