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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Nigeria launches NigComSat 1R in China

"Today, (which was yesterday Monday Dec 19th) I want to congratulate all Nigerians on the successful launch of Nigeria’s satellite NigComSat-1R. This satellite will enhance our nation’s communications system and increase Internet bandwidth throughout the federation while substantially reducing the over $1 billion cost incurred from the usage of foreign owned satellites for e-commerce activities of both governmental and private sector users all of which are a fulfilment of the goals contained in our nation’s 25-year National Space Development Road-map. There cannot be Transformation without technology and the technological benefits from this satellite will flow to all Nigerians whether rural or urban dweller and would also provide the infrastructure needed to provide cashless e-commerce transactions for all Nigerians thus opening up Nigerian businesses and enterprises to markets that are not limited by space or time." GEJ

Thank you very much sir, we appreciate! Now how about not removing the fuel subsidy? We will appreciate that even more. Fuel scarcity is gradually creeping into Lagos. Fill your tanks guys, I hear the coming days will be hellish at the gas stations as they begin to hoard fuel pending when they can sell at over N100 after the fuel subsidy removal.


zuma said...

Sweet heart,you can say anything you want o!which you do, and most of the time very interesting stuff, but here is an advice from a loving sister stay away from men of GOD so it can be well with you...just an advice biko! some things are not meant to be toyed with.

Anonymous said...

@zuma...that's y u
re a slave to the "men of god". Dumb ass! What has dt got to do wt d naija satelite issue? Fool!.....Ride on Linda n post what ever u like,it's ur blog aint "theirs"

kcee said...

Please let them get it right this time around. We don't want to hear another story.

Anonymous said...

I hope say dis satellite nor go lost like d first one o

Anonymous said...

I don't even bother to read all these jokes about nija launching sats. Una never fit plant corn harvest am una de launch sat for wetin? ......mcheeeeeew!

Anonymous said...

@zuma pls comment on d satellite @anonymous 8.41pm lmao..Jonathan "d clueless one"i read u nd ur deputy go take 1 billion naira chop for 2012 according to d budget?i hope nd pray sore throat will be ur portion..satellite built by chinese people smh of course it will disappear

*giddy boy*

theyinx said...

Nigeria: Majoring in the minor since 1960.

Anonymous said...

Dumbo Zuma, how is Dumbo Jo a man of God when people always die when he is their deputy or vice? I dey laff o.

By their satanic threats we shall know them. No amount of wizardry can stop people from saying the truth. Nonsense! Back to sender...

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